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  1. you can go braided lines but it will be upwards of $150... a good bit more expensive but i believe i'll be going this route when i get the 351w in the car just for the insurance against the 15 year old lines thats on it already. i haven't personally seen one of our cars bursting into flames but its scared me enough that i want to make sure mine doesn't.
  2. Alright well have made some updates. Starter was grinding but I repaired that issue, lifters were ticking, removed valve covers and PROPERLY tightened them this time. Seems to be running good :)
    Going to attempt to recalibrate the v6 gauges to work with the v8 (they have a potentiometer built into them for calibrating) and picked up some gauges that are definetly growing on me
    they're easier on the eyes in person, and some people might consider these ricy but I just wantred something different
    also, took vehicle for a drive for the first time, open headers :) that was rather fun
  3. Added some 1/2" rear-wheel spacers
  4. :nice:
    had to replace the distributor again, luckily I had purchased the reman from autozone so it has a lifetime warranty. New one hasn't cut out once yet.
  5. gave a subwoofer in box to a friend and he traded my cobra radar detector for his Escort Passport 8500 radar detector, so will hardwire an RJ11 wire in so no cigarette lighter wires necessary. Also might add a remote mute button + LED light on dash that signals when a radar/lidar signal has been detected
  6. [​IMG]

    You should be able to see where this is going...

    -gps (garmin pc)
    -dash cam + need to get a rear camera
    -wifi + gps + netstumbler = fun
    -7" usb touch screen
    -txt to speech + hands free phone
    probably other stuff I'm forgetting... software and hardware is all setup, need to tear apart LCD and fiberglass it into where the radio/heater are
    will add pics

    7" touch $71 shipped ****edit: seller couldn't find shroud so refunded me $20, so $51 into screen
    3.4ghz 2GB ram small form factor pc $30
    dash cam $1.80
    microsoft gps = already had
    Rosewill wireless N/G/B $10
    Bluetooth usb $3
    ****m4-atx power supply = $50 with metal case/fan
    so $145.80 total so far, still need a DC-DC power supply ($90 on ebay)
  7. That will totally kick ass! I've wanted to do it for a long time! Find out if you can tether your cell phone....then you have mobile internet!
  8. Are we ever going to get to see this car start and drive? You have a bunch of nice toys installed but what about the car itself, is it done yet?
  9. I already tether quite often with my phone, so yes it will have internet access easily via bluetooth ;)
    unfortunately the headrest shroud wasn't included with the screen, so it's going to have to be more permanently integrated into the dash
    I have a driving video of it actually.. lol
    I can post it if you want, still needs an exhaust job tho
  10. SX280onHC317Deck500Wide.jpg

    FYI this particular model computer has major issues with the capacitors.The capacitors are defective themselves. You can look it up on google its a know dell issue I work for a school district and we have had to replace at least over 50 computers of this model motherboards due to boldging capacitors you can replace the capacitors when they start to go the computer itself will start to exibit weird behavior like shutting itself off or an amber light when trying to turn it on
  11. If it's still running now, it's probably ok for the most part....and it was $30, I'm sure she's not too incredibly worried about it. And bulging capacitors are just from being overpowered, it's like if you plug two 9 volt batteries into each other.

  12. yep... my hand is all cut up from tearing the case apart last night and replacing the 3 capacitors that were leaking, everything went well and none of the other capacitors seemed to be swollen or any visible signs of problems :)
    and honestly, I bought it "as-is" for $30 and assumed it had bad capacitors and wouldn't work, but there doesn't seem to be any problem with it whatsoever. The p4 it came with was the fastest processor for this model which is nice too (3.4ghz with hyperthreading) and it's the 84TDP watt one instead of the 115w, supposedly they idle @ 20w and it shouldn't really need all of the processor very often I'd imagine, other than on bootup which is fine with me. Bootup time from power to desktop was about 15 seconds, and I think I can improve that time also. Not sure if hibernate is even faster lol. Using a 750gb 7200 rpm drive, would like an SSD drive but can't really compete with a 750gb in that manner... and the 2nd drive would have to be external as there's not enough room on the inside of this case, and no more expansion methods other than USB.
    Sorry for babbling, but I think you all know I do the computer thing :)
  13. Very impressed we replaced some on ours but it came to the point that it wasnt worth it in some cases like 12 caps being blown its time consuming .If you replaced the main ones you should have a good machine for a while since the caps where the main issue the machine is a great machine when it works.:nice:
  14. agreed, they seem pretty cool little computers :)
  15. seller refunded $20 for screen since he could not find the headrest shroud that he said was with it in the auction. Picked up a m4-atx 250W DC-DC power supply for $50 with metal case and fan, saved about $75 on that
    still need a $10 USB 5.1 soundcard and another 2 channel amp for the front's highs
  16. just started a full time job at a shop my friend runs, so if everything goes right tonight, mustang will be going to exhaust shop tomorrow to get the exhaust bent and welded on for it :D
  17. yesterday was a super ****ty day. Starter went out again after I got to the exhaust shop, they wanted $402 for an exhaust job when I had the oxygen sensor bungs, mufflers, x-pipe. Got them down to $380... they call me up "hey we can't fit the mufflers on there, they're just too wide" So I'm like whatever, drive it home, look at it and the mufflers fit fine... I used exhaust clamps and hooked them up myself. They wanted $227 to go from the headers to where the mufflers go. What a rip off. :(
  18. Usually all that stuff bolts on anyway (except the mufflers).
  19. I bolted on the mufflers with exhaust clamps, better than spending $150 for a shop to weld it on :nice:
    btw, it sounds really good, but the starter's gear is catching on the flywheel, need to shim it away