Just drove a 2010 GT... WANT!!

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  1. I was driving to my friends house and saw a 2010 GT sitting outside at a Ford dealership. I stopped in, talked to a sales dude that has an 04 Cobra. I told him I couldnt afford it but wanted to take a peak at it. He grabbed the keys and we took her out. Very nice car :nice: The adjustable lighting was very neat and the little touches like the word "MUSTANG" on the door sills lights up too with whatever color you choose. The rear view mirror also has a small screen built into it that turns on when you go in reverse. Fit and finnish was very nice too. Road noise was a tad high but other then that I really thought it was sweet. Since it was new I never came close to redline but to 5K it pulls really really nice.

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  2. Not enough to make you wanna trade in the Cobra though. ;)
  3. Ah, no.
  4. I may be in the minority, but try as I might, I cannot bring myself to like what they've done to the exterior. As far as I'm concerned, the 05-09 body was a perfect embodiment of Mustang. Something just seems 'off' about the new look.
  5. That rear view screen is so you can see all the people losing their lunch after they get a view of the ass end of the car. :rlaugh: Call it the "puke" cam.

  6. +1 :stupid:

    Looks like I'll be waiting another 5 yrs. before buying a new Stang. :(

    Don't like the plastic at all :notnice: The back end looks nothing like a sports car. With all that plastic, it looks more like a low-end luxury car. :ack:
  7. 2005 legendlime with 2009 glassroof and 2011 drivetrain please
  8. I've seen 3 in the last 24hours. The sequential lights are pretty nice.

    I thought the rear end looked fine :shrug: Overall, a good looking car. It's either a vert gt or vette for our next ride
  9. Yeah I don't like the rear of the car. Too bad you couldn't swap the rear bumper and tail lights for the 05-09 model.

    I do really like the look of the interior. I wonder if I could find a wrecked one to still the dash and center console from for my 73.
  10. +1000 I just can't bring myself to like the rearend of the car. I'm not too terribly impressed with the front end either.
  11. The excess road noise is probably coming from the engine bay. Ford engineers added a sound tube to the intake system, so you could hear the engine rev, so there's a tube that goes from the airbox to the firewall. You can take sound deadening material out to make it louder. I'm sure it could just as easily be closed off.

    I will say one thing, the leather in the 2010's is much nicer than the leather we got in 2005-2009. But that doesn't make up for all the black plastic and the hideous rear end.

    I agree. I like the added hips, and the squished grill isn't bad. But everything else, especially the rear bumper/taillamp treatment was step backwards.
  12. I think they tried to go a little boy racer like chevy did with the new crapmaro. I prefer the more classic muscle look of the 05-09's
  13. Does anybody here think this move by Ford screams ricer? Making something sound fast when it's not... :nonono:

    Kind of like adding a fart pipe to a Honda...

  14. I don't like the black plastic side skirts at all. But i will say our local ford dealer has a black GT on the lot and it does look good overall.
  15. I don't care for the look of the black side skirts either....but they will take rock chips better than a smooth painted lower half.

    You should see my 96 Cobra's rear cover. Great paint except a little bit on the ends by the tires.
  16. So they all come with that flat black plastic trim around the bottom?


    Reminds me of the cheap ass Cavaliers and junk with the grey bumpers.
  17. Or a mild to wild switch to a Z06. :stirpot:

  18. fixt :D

  19. :lol:

    That too.

    But I like the smooth, painted look. I prefer body colored moldings on just about everything.

    Everything else on it seems nice. The body shape will probably grow on me...