Just for fun, RICERS stories here!

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  1. I remember this video from 2 years ago, Cobra kill them both :rlaugh:
  2. stupid ricers, may they burn in hell.
  3. All right, here's a new one for ya.

    There's a yellow 05 GT that runs around here, with the side scoops, wing, c-pillar covers, and other miscellaneous stuff painted black. It looks pretty good actually, and sounds nice too. But the dude is an imbecile. He goes around revving at everything and everybody. He made the mistake of revving at me a month ago driving by while I was at a light. My arrow turned, so I took off after him. I caught up to him and we both hit it from about a 30mph roll. His windows were down. I hit about 100mph and looked back and noticed he was about 5 car lengths back or so. We pulled up to the light, I was gonna compliment him on a nice looking 05. His windows were up. He turned right real quick and was fishtailing as if he was trying to show off and redeem himself.

    But her never revs at me anymore. :shrug:
  4. I have 4 05s kills by now, man i just kill them all,like most modulars
  5. Oh how I love that Cobra video :).
  6. Don't let the thread die guys!
  7. ooooooo k i got another one

    couple days ago i was driving home from work in my dads taurus (we switched cars) and this talon was beside me, typical ricer mods and a very young kid driving. so he guns it and i do too, well i keep up with him and stay even through second then i hit third and he pulls away slowly so i slowed down. next light he had this hard look on his face and was looking cocky, i felt like rolling down my window and saying "good job dude, you beat a taurus" lol

    my dads taurus is a 93 3.0 auto with 267 000 km's on it! and is slow as ****, if i was in my tempo i think i could have beaten this kid

    another one

    my buddy has this 3.0 tempo 5 spd. and this older 80's corvette is at a light with young kid driving (obviously didn't know how to drive) well the light turns green and my buddy ended up beating this corvette in his tempo!!!! total fluke but the kid looked so embarrassed in front of his girlfriend who was in the car with him :rlaugh: turns out my other buddy was on the street that night and seen the race. he said all he was thinking was "did i just see a tempo beat a corvette?" lol
  8. Cant let the thread die....

    Last week I was coming home at around 2~3A.M. I get to a stoplight and notice that next to me is a silver mid-90s eclipse. I looked over and his windows had like 5% tint so I couldnt see anything. I didnt think much of it. Well, a car made a right turn in front of us into my lane just as our light was going to turn green. He passed the car, and I went behind him to get around the car too. Then when I was behind the eclipse, I noticed it was a GST. I figured I would get next to him to see if he wanted to play. :D So i start to merge into the left lane again, while he is still like 4 car lengths ahead of me. I was at about 50% throttle, so that I could get next to the guy, when I turned my radio down and heard his fart can roaring. The race had already started and I didnt even know it! Well, I then gunned it and proceeded to catch up to him, and pass him in less than 2 seconds. ;) I slowed down once my rear bumper was ahead of his front bumper because there was a fork in the road ahead, and I didnt wat to miss my turn. :nice:

  9. Okay, here's one from a couple months back.

    My buddy and I went to the coast (Port Aransas) for a week, and we took my dad's truck. It's an 01 F350 7.3L turbo diesel. Now it's not fast by any means, but it will get up and go all right. On the way back, we were within 30 minutes of home during a rather boring ride. Well we are hauling going back, averaging 90+mph. We pass this Eclipse, early 00's model or so. He decides he wants to go fast too. So we're doing about 80 and he hits it, so do I. I pull away, he drops back about a car length or so up to 105. For about 20 minutes, we're messing around, and everytime, I beat him easily. A few times from a 70mph roll I put about 3 car lengths on him, and my buddy filmed the whole thing! :banana: Not bad for an 8000lb truck! lol
  10. did I tell you guys about the car that came in a few months ago? it had a loose bolt in place of a sway bar end link, just like a bolt taht was 3 inches long and had one nut on it, not one nut on either side of the swaybar and control arm, no, just a bolt and a nut. He also duck taped "racing" pedals onto his existing pedals. furthermore, he put a desk fan in his engine bay to cool the madd horsepower machine he had that would stall and smoke blue.

  11. :owned: :lol: :lol:

  12. WHATG ? :nonono: :nonono:

  13. Don't let this thread die guys, it made it thru the stangnet crash :nice:
  14. Got new one

    Last month i was cruising in my winter ride 89 BMW 325i 5 speed whan some guy pull next to me in 95-99 Eclipse GST with crazy body kit ,rims,aftermarket intercooler and who know what else
    Next thing i know he revs up ,i was like WTF
    And hge took off ,so i drop my hammer on 2.5L straight 6 ,shift at 7k 3rd and 4th and pass himm slowly,than we stoped on red light, my buddy who is in car with me asked him whats wrong with his Eclipse because it has turbo and all we got is inline 6 with extra passenger and tons Mustang arts in trunk, he was you guys have 6 cilynder i have 4 :lol:
    So on green i let him go first just to make sure he didn't chicken out ,than lunched my straight 6 spint tires so bad short shifter in 2nd,pass him on top 2nd ,3rd at 7K and by end of 4th i made 4 cars on him
    So red light again and my buddy start making fun of him again
    Man he was pissed when i told him i have almost 200k miles on BMW which is bone stock
  15. i think it was last night, this guy in a Integra, says why you drive a pos. I say nothing and at the light we take of, he didn't stand a chance right of the bat. then i asked him what did you say? he was mad and tried to burnout, so i revved it and popped the clutch, you couldn't even see his ass behind it was funny as hell
  16. i pulled into a BK parking lot, and saw this hideous lime green civic with cracked body kit, altezzas, big wing, racing wheels and stock exhaust. had the chrome tint. well anyway i park next to it just to rub it in. so me n my friend walk in and hes sayin i wonder who owns it. we see 2 guys in business suits, and 2 hispanics (not being racial) but im like, yea i wonder. so anyway they get up to leave, and we want to see there reaction, as soon as they get to the door i here them go, "now thats what hym talkin about!!" in this thick accent. pretty funny
  17. reminds me of the time i was out in my DD a 05 jetta gli all i have done to it is a 3" turbo back exhaust and a CAI,samco Turbo hose. its only 180 hp but anyway i was riding down a 4 lane split traffic road and a silver new RSX goes by dont know if it was a type R but he had the fancy wing and exhaust and all that. well once i had turned around i caught up with him at the end of the road....and as luck have it we both hit the light together i sat a car length back...once the light dropped he gets on it so i slam 1st then 2nd...by that time all i hear is his CAI screaming to keep up. by the end of third i had atleast a car and a half. needles to say i was disapointed in there acceleration.
  18. lol funny stuff
    slow5.0 pwnage with his 89 beamer is funny aswell :rlaugh:
  19. One of my friends with an Acura integra with a busted body kit on the rear and no front bumper and a fart can was talking **** about my GT. SO when i got off work we met up and I smoked him by about 8 car lengths. He said he missed a gear so I asked if he wanted to go again, but he "didnt feel like racing anymore"

    And what do you guys think about my avatar?

    Its a rice cooker for those who dont know