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  1. When you think about it, in 20 years, these 5 litre SN95's are gonna be a rare find. Especially amongst all the hover cars they've been predicting since "Back To The Future" in the 80's. :rolleyes:
  2. welcome... and I don't know what I would do if my GF came over one day with a faster car then me. It's bad enough that I blow off guys night all the time, if that ever happened I would have to permanently trade in my manhood forever.
  3. I'm with ya 100% on that one bro. :nonono:

    Good looking car though, I like the color........same as mine ;) What's done to your b/f's MR2 BTW?
  4. :rlaugh:
  5. o ye anad welcome to the boards... i know it'a hard paying for mods and being 17, nad 18 now and could just make it but look what i have done so far.
  6. Although i like my car better personally than my boyfriends car his is by NO means slower. 0-60 in 5-ish where as mine is up around 7(it's an auto.). it's not a very manly looking car but he prefers turboed cars to huge engines. but no mine has some SERIOUS work to do before i'll catch up to him. there's 3 pages on mustangforums about what i could do to be faster...it would take a lot of work lol
  7. oops, i should have read all the posts before replying lol but to 1Bad89Coupe: he has a 3 in. KO racing exhaust 2.5 in downpipe, a lot of suspension stuff but i don't know the name of it (he loves the car more than me and talks nonstop about it so i tune most out lol j/k) anyway he autocrosses so suspension is his #1 priority and where most of the money goes. he has a greddy turbo upgrade and top mount intercooler in the mail to be installed next week. i'm not sure what the exact numbers are on the turbo upgrade but should be good from 350ish rwhp so in my current money state he's pretty much leaving me in the dust. there ya go, prolly WAY more info than you cared to hear lol :D
  8. alls u go to do is heads, cam, intake, adn a supercharger nad u should shut him down
  9. i am actually planning on getting a turbo when i graduate from high school (nothing against an s/c but everyone and there grandma has a supercharged 5.0). however, in a year from now even with a turbo i'll have no chance.the MR2 motor all though smaller is built stronger as are all stock turbo cars. i'm thinkin my car could handle about 10 pounds of boost MAYBE whereas his could go as far as thirty. there are MR2s making 700rwhp on the stock block. he makes a considerable amount more than i do and also has more of an interest in his car than i do...his will always be faster. i love my car as is and i'm in no hurry to spend 10k of hard earned money on a car just yet. i am looking forward in to college life which also means bills upon bills so i'll get the turbo as a gift for graduation but i wont have unlimited funds to get it to the point where it is as fast as it can be, if that made ANY sense what-so-ever. ok enough talking for me
  10. Hey all,

    My name is Chris, Im Stangette's boyfriend. I accutually found her car for her, She loves mustang convertiables and I wanted her to be happy...But..

    My MR2 Turbo is definatly in no way slower than any stock 5.0 of any year. MotorTrend compaired it to the Ferrari F355 in style/preformance and called the MR2 Turbo a baby Ferrari. It is midengined, 2.0l I4, turbo with ~12psi on the stock turbo making 200rwhp/200rwtrq stock. Even though these numbers are lower than a stock 5.0, the MR2 weighs in at a lean 2685 stock. Official numbers are 0-30 in 1.8 (faster than the Ferrari F355 by .1 sec :)), 0-60 in 5.8. Drives like its on rails, but tends to be Very Tail happy if mistreated.

    This is my 22car (my family is a bunch of car dealers) and my goals when I was looking for a car were: Fuel Efficent (to some extent), preformance, RWD, turbo (because its easy to get power out of them), and last was style.

    I have enormous respect for the 5.0 Mustang, I drool over the '88 model year particulary (BEAUTIFUL) and they sound awesome with the right exhaust (gotta love the rumble). The only problems/reasons I didnt get one were: Gas Millage, Milage (most of the time), ease of modifying, and lastly I love the curves :). No mustang could handle half the curves the MR2 can take.

    I dont consider it an insult to my manhood that she has a bigger motor than I do, I could care less about that. Did you all know one of the fastest cars of all time was an old Honda Indy car with 1.5l of displacement and 40lbs of boost?

    Now with my car, The exhaust is dynoed at between 30-40rwhp gained (and confirmed nurmous times) which is pretty substantial for the cost. Im not getting a Greddy turbo upgrade, they have problems. Im going with a custom setup with the GT25 garrett BB turbo, shooting for between 350 and 400rwhp and 300-350rwtrq (with tuneing of course lol). The engine is a 3sgte Toyota Turbo, which is pretty much identicial to the supra (2/3 of the size) engine. It is able to handle upwards of ~750rwhp on stock internals, and it is the engine that is used in the JGTC Supra Race Car.

    Im trying to find the article in motor trend about the MR2 so some of ya'll can believe me. Most of my friends here in Motorsports Engineering (who drive a variety of Cobra's, 5.0's, Z28's, SS's, etc etc) Have respect for my car, Its quite a bit faster than most of there cars :)

    Just tryin to convince some of you guys to have a little more open mind, I mean, its not a civic with a fart pipe now is it :) But im going to meet Stangette right now to see Spiderman.

    Oh yeah, quick question. Does the 1995 5.0 have just a MAF or a combo of the MAF and MAP sensors? Ive been trying to figure that out.

    Thanks, Good to meet you all...Nice forums, I might register and do some reading/posting if I can.

  11. :cheers: well said.. i'll drink to that. :cheers:
  12. huh??????????

    In one word" huh???" Did I log on to StangNet.com , or am I lost or something............... I'm disgusted :rlaugh: :rlaugh:jk, I'm sure there are some of us here that can really appreciate your beefed up mr2, but I think you kinda jumped off the topic of "introduction"...maybe I'm wrong. Dunno, just I'm not into small cars, japanese cars, whatever you like to call em... :notnice:
  13. MR2's are hot...wouldnt trade the Stanget for one...but they are hot...

    and the GT usues a 70mm MAF calibrated for 19# injectors by itself, no MAP sensor....

  14. First of all... VIPERn94five-0 is right bout the mass air.
    Glad to here ya got a stang (sorry late for that i know)
    Ya man's got a fairly nice ride (I smelt a lil cheesy rice-a-roni from his post) LOL JK
    As for the turbo idea,...I hate to crush your dreams but be prepared to spend $$$$ on parts and getting that thing tuned for a turbo.
    I would however like to see a chick with a turbo vert (only wish my gf was so wise cause hers is a 00 neon with a lancer evo 5 kit is killing me)
    Anyway, welcome and all everyone else said all these guys are glad to help whenever possible.
  15. Welcome to the forum. Been to Charlotte a few times myself and love the area. Don't know what kind of music you like but the Tremont Music Hall there is good for booking awesome rock bands that keep me coming back whenever possible. Sometimes 4 to 5 hours from Jacksonville, NC is a little far though for just a night out. Once again welcome! :nice: :flag:
  16. sorry i had to repost the whole thing i don't know how to quote just part of a post...anyway, in response to the money i'm fully aware of how much it'll cost(at least i think i am)...i'm figuring about 1-3k on prep for it and then 5k give or take on the kit itself. i think i said before it's a gift and it's either this or an '03 cobra or Z06 vette...they wont mind the cost of the turbo :D lol
  17. your pricing seems like you have an idea...then your gonna need money for tuning, cuz you wont be able to do it in the garage or driveway...and an 03 Cobra or Z06 Vette....quite the step up from our cars to say the least...the Z06 beaing a 405hp $50k+ car...

  18. Welcome to Stangnet. :flag:

    And take it easy on the boyfriend, not everyone has to drive a Mustang. :D

    Now get some better pics and get some track numbers.

    BTW any 1/4 numbers on the MR2? Sounds pretty quick, how's the stock driveline holding up?
  19. Welcome. I have a soft spot for green 94-95 verts, kind of required since I have one. :D

    BTW-There's nothing immasculating about a turbo 4 cylinder car. Maybe if it were N/A :lol: . After all, there were turbo-4 Mustangs once upon a time. :)
  20. Na, No 1/4 times for my MR2-T yet, Im not taking it to the strip for a few more weeks (need to get some more work done). I took it to the 1/8th when it was completely stock though.

    Keep in mind this was only my 2nd time to the dragstrip, and my first time launching rearwheel drive...not to mention mid engine. Also, ShadySide Dragstrip is sorta uphill (you roll backwards when you stage)..My best was a 9.8 with a 2.2 60' and I dont remember the trap speed (Its $5, run all you want...no slips are given). Those times are completly stock.

    I am going to take it to rockingham in the fall when I have a few more things done.

    On another note, I love the Mustang SVO....Such a cool car, just really old and I dont trust them for a daily driver.