Kaenan Redneck hood FTW!

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  1. Thank you :nice: See not your taste but didnt say it in a dick way! haha, btw your car is sick pretty much a clone to 98cobra281's a few months ago haha, but i bought it because i plan on buying some slicks in skinny's in the future, and to me slicks and skinny's with a nice cowl is decent looking setup, im probably not going to need it for clearance anytime soon, but i do like the way it looks, and it does let alot of heat out of the motor bay. And eventually i either want a PD blower or a setup like 98cobra281's except being fed by a procharger or vortech, and if i do go that route i might need to the clearance.
  2. You'd think he punched someone's mother in the face with the way some people freak out out about his hood.
  3. The way Cobra281 is driving, you might think that way. But I completely agree with Nate.

    I'm not a fan of it for a street car, especially a stock car. A baddass 2v/4v car that is set up for the track, then yes, it is awesome looking even if you don't need it to clear an intake manifold. But I think it is overkill for a stock car with stock wheels. But to each their own, that is what makes the modified car world different.
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  6. I had a cowl hood on my 02 GT - I had just painted it...(Lesson learned? I am no painter - :D)...but the problem was resolved soon enough - One week after this pic was taken the car was totaled.

    The point I'm making is regarding the SIZE of the cowl hood. Notice mine is only 3 inches or so...a little more subtle. Bigger ain't always better...! :rlaugh:

  7. That was a great story... can you tell it again... do you have time :D :stick:
  8. 02GT15.jpg

    Now that looks good!
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    This thread is getting better all the time... :rlaugh:
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