KB Cobra wreck

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  1. For those of you who don't venture far out of the Stangnet relms... This video and picture set has been going around for a week or so. Story is the guy was showing off for friends and lost control.


    Video of Wreck: Click Me!

    Pics of aftermath:
  2. Happened down @ Mustang Week. I know him. I don't know about the showing off part. I think we all have gotten on it before and got a lil' sideways, it's just we all don't have a KB snake that runs 10's. Good thing is no one got hurt, and he needs our support on these forums, not bashing like he is taking on some. Imagine if that was you. :(
  3. Well if that isn't showing off then he must drive like that all the time right? Sorry but he doesn't get any sympathy from me, but I will sympathize with the poor bastards whose cars are now wrecked thanks to this Cobra drivers careless and senseless actions.

    Busy public roads are not the place to be mashing the loud pedal on any high performance car, let alone a KB Cobra!

  4. I understand where you are coming from Meat. I feel terrible for the people he ran into, believe me. :( If you are telling me you have never jumped on it on the street EVER I have a hard time believing that. Take a look at the video again. There is no one around him at all when he jumps on it. Not saying what happened is ok, but getting loose like that could happen to anyone of us. Imagine how he feels right now. He is devestated about the entire thing. I understand that you and others will not show any sympathy towards him and each is entitled to their own opinion, I just say imagine if that happened to you. That's all.
  5. Yeah, it really takes a mature driver to own of these cars. (Notice I did not say mature person LOL) Thank god I did not have mine when I was 22 and under, I'd be dead. I really think for younger guys, the V6 is a great learning tool or should I say "self preservation tool". Not that you can't kill yourself in it, it just is a less surprising car.

    Oh well, I can hear the insurance company raising my premium already.
  6. Looks like a nice T-Bone. You got the vid besides on a temp-vid site, they never work for me.

    Since I can't see the vid could you explain it to me?
  7. Camera is looking down a 8 lane road (4 lanes each side with concrete divider (Curb) in center). Cobra is coming at camera hard in 1st gear. Back end starts kicking out when the torque hits, driver corrects a little and the car's ass starts going the other way. Driver gets out of the gas completely but the inertia has taken over and the back end comes all the way around. Car crosses two open lanes on his side of the road, hits concrete divider and broadsides into 2 cars that are in the inside lane traveling the opposite direction.

  8. If I were to state I've NEVER jumped on my Cobra on the street I would be a liar! What I will say is that at 43 years of age I don't show off on the street like that especially when there are members of the motoring public on the other side of the road! Yeah I've been known to "get on it" occasionally, but I do it WAY out of the public's eye where the only thing that could get hurt is me, my car, or an innocent tree and or ditch!

    Just out of curiosity, how old is this friend of yours who owns the Cobra in this incident?

  9. His exact age I do not know but I if I had to guess I would say in his early 30's. :shrug: He has put countless time and $ into his ride. The car usually runs on MT streets, it is a high 10 second car. He is a good guy and well respected by all that know him. I know that doesn't get him off the hook but I believe you have to look at the guy's character and background also. I believe this is his first moving violation. All that know him are very surprised it even happened. Very unfortunate. :nonono:
  10. I'm sure he's not feeling too well about it. I've read all the posts on the other forums about it and he's getting quite the beating. They keep trying to lock all the posts about the incident over on SVTPerf. Not sure why though... maybe he's friends with LL? Either way it just keeps coming back up which has got to suck for him...

  11. So where's the guy from?
  12. I think someone said he was from Michigan and he trailored the car down for Mustang Week. :shrug:

  13. I can empathize to a point. Being a former Cobra owner (wrecked), I can feel for him but to a point. :(

    I hate it for him. Must feel like .... :bang:
  14. he is from maryland
  15. still doesn't look as bad as my wreck, and i wasn't even speeding.
  16. Well I was close! They both get snow in the winter and start with the letter "M"! :rlaugh:

  17. Well, not much to say. Dumba** might be one, but I can't since I have gotten on it on the street a few times. I'm 35, this is my 7th stang over the last 15 yrs. I build them up & sell them. Except this car, I plan on keeping for a while.

    Last set of tires (Michellin Pilot Sports - Sux, never buy) let the rear end break loose into 4th gear. New tires I have (Yokohama AVS Sports) are great. I have a 18x10.5 rear rim. Now getting on it once in a while, only slips in 1st & is gone thru the rest.

    Tires make a big deal. If your running cheap, you'll get no where.

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  18. That's too bad. No matter what is said, these pics and vids are always a good reminder to keep it safe. They work for me.

    As a venomous snake keeper, I often look at pictures of envenomations on humans for a reminder to avoid being bit the best I can. Which means proper handling. Envenomations are certainly not a pretty site. Car crashes have the same effect on me. They remind me to treat the power with respect.