Keep My Car Or Order A '14?

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  1. Well I took the first step - I just sold my '05 Honda TRX450R. First guy to call came with cash. Now it's time to post the car for sale.... (I know, you all hate me!)
  2. Have you driven a new 5.0? I would before you start sellin everything lol. Ive driven a few as i used to work for ford and its a kind of love it or hate it kind of car.
  3. tears in my eyes

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  4. Take it from a guy that has both. Keep the Fox and get the 14. You will love the 14, but you'll miss the Fox.

    ETA: Also, check the plug in the speed sensor at the trans. That's what was wrong with mine when the cruise stopped working.
  5. Just make sure she goes to a good owner, someone who will treat it with respect and care that it requires.
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  6. It is true about the new cars, either love or hate. They do not feel anything like a fox, no swinging the ass end around every corner with such ease. They stay planted, which is great except for when you are out to have some fun around every corner. It is a whole new feel, and you will want to be sure its for you before you sell such a nice fox. Worse case scenario, take that money from the 4 wheeler and put A/C in the fox. That sounds like your biggest problem with it at the moment.

    P.S. I am not trying to talk you out of it, you just have such a nice car. I love getting new things too, but regret selling my '86 and it was a beater compared to your car.
  7. i'd LOVE to have a new 5.0, but would never sell my fox 5.0 to get one. gotta keep my roots with vanilla ice lol
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  8. For each car, it comes down to cost-benefit, and only you can determine the existence and value of the benefit, and whether the costs are justified. I can appreciate your frustration and annoyance with constant repairs. I have the same issue. It takes the fun out of cars when you're busy with work and life. These cars are about passion and fun. If they aren't fun, whatever the reason, they aren't worth having. So, I think it comes down to the questions, is your car fun? Will it be fun again? If the answer to the questions is no, then sell it and move on. If the answer is yes, then you have to ask yourself, "would a '14 be enough extra fun to justify its price?" When you imagine the price, imagine not just a dollar figure but what it means to you. How long will you work, or did you work, to pay for it? Is it worth that effort?

    In my case, though it's parked for now I can see enjoying my mustang again one day when I can put the time and effort in to make it right. I do enjoy driving the vette on the autobahn and having a sports car to play with. I cannot justify the 30-40k price tag of a new mustang, because I cannot imagine enjoying it more than I enjoy driving the vette. Also, owning a new car only replaces minor annoyances with bigger payments or lost savings which is also annoying in its way. It takes a long time to earn that kind of discretionary cash, and I value my goal of achieving financial independence from labor one day more than I value owning a new toy with high depreciation. The old toy with low depreciation suits me much better.
  9. The new ones are nice to look at, but, to be honest I'm getting tired seeing them everywhere.
    The new have a sweet interior, but I personally don't like the way you sit in them and now refuse them at rental counters.
    I went thru the same dilema here a few months ago.
    My 56k mile LX had been sitting for 10 years covered in the garage and boy the new ones are hot.
    I elected to put the $ into my LX instead. I've spent fair bit less than on a new one, it'll be way quicker, exponentially nastier and a million times more exclusive.

    I wish I had the coin to take the Reef off you.
    The car dilema you are in sounds exciting, have fun.
  10. Keep the FOX with a new 5.0 under the hood. mmmm and somthing to take the spot of the 450r :scratch: but what could that be?

    As much as I hate to see the car go, it sounds like you done made your decision.
  11. Another plus if you like hanging out with car guys is the fact that none of them would be impressed just because someone has a new car. Our kind appreciate the guys that have kept the old ones in good shape. A guy with an old car in good shape definitely gets more respect than a guy who just plunked down $40k and expects attention. I know it's not about what other people think of you, even if they're car guys. Just something else to consider.
  12. Yeah, yeah, yeah.... I know, but I just don't have time for a RZR.
  13. I'm always working or keeping the wife company - I haven't hung out with my car buddies in years. Besides, most of them are married and don't have their cars anymore.
  14. And yes I've drove the new cars and I love them - I used to work at a Ford dealer and spent a lot of time around them.

    BUT, here's another consideration and I always wanted clean, unmolested '93 Cobra with under 20k miles - those were always my dream Fox.
  15. Sounds like your mind is made up, but like others said, Id keep the fox, and roll whatever money you would have gotten from the sale into the loan.

    Unless you can get top dollar for the fox it isnt worth it to sell it cheap just to knock 100 bucks off the monthly payment. Either way, have fun with the new car.
  16. a '93 with under 20k is gunna be pretty damn close to the price of a '14
  17. There's several on ebay right now with around 20k miles for around $20k.
  18. the new coyote 5.0 are great cars! but i aint giving my fox up for nothing cant believe how much i love my hatch!! probably got alot to do with im going on two years with having to do nothing but oil changes which has alot to do with not many parts on my car more than six years old! keep the fox new mustangs are a dime a dozen try to get your fox back after you sell it.