Krylon Fusion

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  1. Thanks to 1105 :nice: for the Tip on the Krylon Fusion. This stuff is new and we have a big feature of it at Walmart for $3.97. I had painted my Saleen bezels using 2 coats of primer (with sanding) and 2 coats ext. black. Stuff lasted about 1 month.

    Im finna try this Krylon Fusion (Krylon should pay us to adv the product)

  2. Hey Laser..How's that fusion paint holding up on your tail covers? I was thinking about using that stuff to paint my saleen covers but am not sure how well it'll match my black UA paint, or how well it would hold up in the long run. Do they make fusion clear coat also? Deciding between the fusion route or just having them painted professionally.
  3. Thanks RC :) Yea that stuff worked great on my bezels, I sanded mine lightly with 400 grit then sprayed 2 coats of Fusion on them and they lasted for quite awhile until I got my car repainted, and even then they looked like they did when I first sprayed it on. I also painted the "Mustang GT" on my rear bumper with help from oink with the Fusion paint too and stuck to it great.
  4. SO far, SO good.

    The black is kinda glossy, so you dont need clear.
    Also, sand them down first with light grit.
    I also put on 2 light coats, let them dry a couple of days, lightly sanded them, THEN repainted 3 coats...the last coat you can go a little heavier to get the shine.

  5. got any pictures yet RC so we can see how they turned out? btw... how long did it take you to tape off the lenses?
  6. i painted my pvc pipe for my homemade cai with the krylon fusion and it worked great. i got mine for 3.97 at walmart also!
  7. i think i paid close to $5 for mine :bang: just because walmart wont sell it to you unless your 18 so i had to go to Scotty's and pick up some
  8. Here you go....
    Sorry about the arm shadow...I was trying to block the's bright out there today.

    I did NOT tape the lenses..I just removed the bezel..painted...then reapplied the sticky 3M stuff.

  9. cool...i was thinking about using that stuff. its time to repaint mine and i think i just got the inspiration to do it in the next few days :)
  10. looks good RC... i dont think i'll be re-doing mine... black stripes along with black tail lights might be a little too much for the eyes.

    *edit* whats that sticky 3M stuff you used? wish i would have known about it when i painted mine
  11. Oh that looks terrible!!

    j/k :lol: :rlaugh:
  12. Double-sided 3M tape, OR the double-sided body molding tape...found in the AUTO paint/Sandpaper section at Walmart....ALWAYS LOW PRICES...ALWAYS!

  13. :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol:
    OH...That's a good one.

  14. I'm starting to think walmart, not krylon, is paying you for advertisments :rlaugh:
  15. NO, I work for Walmart, and my $5k+ Bonus comes from them!!! :banana:
  16. Quick question about those Saleen covers, any one got a link to get them from? Only one I seen was at the offical Saleen site for $60 :shrug: thx
  17. Why not order em from Saleen? Just ordered mine from them today after looking @ them on, and their phone rep was way nice.
  18. Anyone know what the temp rating on the fusion is?
  19. I wouldnt think it'd be very high being as how it was made to be sprayed onto plastic.
  20. i have some to use on some pvc plastic poles i made to rope my car off at a show next week . i hope it works as nice as you guys say i'll try it tomorrow, :shrug: