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  1. i thought thats what a sick day was made for. :nice:
  2. Nah, can't do that. Cause when they make me work Saturday and Sunday, I don't get OT then. Plus, I've only used like 16 sick hours in the last ten years. Add that to the engine showing up at work last week, they are going to know whats up. :rolleyes:
  3. Still jealous! Get on that build and have fun!
  4. I've ran the royal purple stuff in my tko since i got it in 2006. I had the shift lug problem in my car and I needed to call tremec to get the replacment parts. I told the tremec rep that I used it in my car and he didn't say anything about so I don't think it would hurt anything to use it.
  5. Never ran the Royal purple stuff. I've alwas just went to local Chevy dealer and bought syncromesh, its like 5 bucks a quart.
  6. I thought it was closer to $10 a quart, I'll probably just get the syncomesh then.
  7. It may be closer to 10. there is a guy on one of the local forums that I post on that offers discounts on things from the dealer he works from.
  8. Just and FYI Lars- and you proooobably know this already, but.

    There was a show on Spike tv, on powerblock. Not sure which one. These fellas put a car on a chassis dyno, and made a few base pulls. They then drained all the fluids,engine, trans, diff, and replaced them with royal purple.
    Back on the dyno, picked up something like 11-12 hp.

    I don't know if it was BS because they were sponsered by RP, but I was always amazed by that.:shrug:
  9. What fluids were in the car before?

    I've seen tests like that before, and sometimes they fail to mention that they also went to a lower weight oil than what was originally in the car. That, and, we've all seen a car vary 10+ hp on consecutive runs, with no tuning or other changes.

    That said, I do believe that there is some power to be had with a good synthetic oil, I just think sometimes those dyno tests are a smoke and mirror show, know what I mean?
  10. I've seen these stories before. I do think synthetics are great as I have seen them save engines from disaster, increase fuel mileage, etc. Mostly just want whats best for the trans.

    This is also true. I already have Mobil 1 in the diff, as that is some slick stuff.

    I need to get out in the garage and get started. It's 115 degrees out there right now. lol
  11. I was going to come in here and make a post asking if you guy think I should chance a 2 year old water pump with about 6K miles on it. Then I got it off the car and saw staining on the weep hole. Could have been when one of the crossover hoses split a couple months ago. Do I really want to risk a new engine to save $40 though? Back to AM I go. How many quarts of that RP you guys think I need?
  12. Water pumps are cheap, and they are soooo much easier to install when the engine is out of the car!
  13. a TKO600 take around 2.5 quarts if I rember correct, order 3 and you'll have some left of one.
  14. Yeah, cheap insurance. Gonna get one of those FMS pumps for $40.

    That little? Shoot, I figured it took at least 3.8 if not more.
  15. My shop is a wreck. Half of it is parts waiting to go on the car.


    Think I need a new AITS?


    Getting there:


    The things you have to do to pull and engine by yourself.


    Almost out.


    Finally. Note, it helps to remember the two lower block plate bolts when trying to separate an engine from a T5, rather then yanking around on it for 20 minutes like a jerkarse wondering wtf is going on.


    Getting the trans out took like 10 minutes.


    Now I get to start cleaning. Also ran over on the miles for my WRX. So now I gotta go change the oil on it. Then I can shower and relax before work tomorrow.

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  16. Nice work lars. Glad I'm not the only one who got a good Texas sweat on this weekend.
  17. Local GM stealership wants $17.50 a quart for Syncromesh. lol

    AM gets some more of my money then.
  18. God How I Love a Big, Nice, Clean, Shop.
  19. Sometimes I think the dealerships almost don't want to sell stuff.