Loaded Coyote Swap Tuning Question


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Jun 2, 2018
West Virginia
I just picked up a 1993 LX Coupe with a Gen 1 Sealed Coyote Swap. (NMRA style). The previous owner left what I assume is the stock manual control pack tune on, as he said he never had an X4 or NGauge. The car has Kooks 1 3/4 headers, JLT cold air, the SVE Coyote Swap fuel kit (Aeromotive 340lph pump) sitting on a 275 55 r15 MT ET Street tire. The car runs strong, which is strange for what I’ve read about other builds trying to use the base tune. How urgent is it that I get a tune in it? From some research I’ve seen a lot of things about PATS and that the control pack PCM has no VIN and needs one to be tuned. If you guys could smooth this out with me, along with a recommendation of X4 or nGauge and your tuner that’d be great.


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