Looking for a very specific shift knob...please help.


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Jan 31, 2002
Assonet, MA
Hey guys. A few years back I remember seeing a company marketing T handle shifter knobs specifically for Mustangs. They looked like the image below, but instead of the Mach 1 emblem, they had the pony and tri-bars logo in them. I love T handles and want that specific one for my '10 but I can't track it down anywhere, nor can I remember who marketed them. If anyone has any info, I would really appreciate it!

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Oct 26, 2009
I want to say those look alot like a CDC piece but I can't find it. I definately remember those though just can't pinpoint the company..


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Jan 31, 2002
Assonet, MA
YESS! That was it. It's been so long. So now I gotta see if it will fit in my '10, I think they have the same shift thread pattern.

edit: bummer, looks like the *thread* pattern is different, although i plan on getting a Steeda Tri-ax in the future and their website says it has a different pattern than the stock shifter, so I might be able to make it happen anyway.


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Jan 31, 2002
Assonet, MA
Yeah, was talking about thread pattern. Here's the scoop: CDC did make these, but Ford put the kaibash on them selling the knobs because of the copyrighted logos on them. CDC still sells them with a CDC logo, but I want the pony. I talked to CDC, they said unless they work out the legalities with Ford marketing, which they don't plan on because the knobs didn't sell well, then I am screwed. That shop linked above is sold out. Unless I found a retailer that used to buy from CDC who still has one left around and doesn't know they've been pulled, I am out of luck...or if one pops up in the classifieds. I am really bummed, but at the same time my vintage Hurst T is getting polished and clear coated today. It was in my dad's cars back in the day, he let me take it when he junked his last toy, so it does have some sentimental value and it feels great to use. It does get hot as hell in the sun though. Thanks for all the help guys, I always know StangNet will come through when I have a pony related question!
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