Drivetrain Looking For Clutch Set And Ring Gear For King Cobra

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  1. i am looking for a ring gear and clutch set for a 1978 king cobra 5.0 . parts store tried , but could not find.they had no lsting for 78 mustang, it is as if mustang IIs did mot even exist . we tried 78 granada-79 mustang ect ,nothing worked. it is a 10 inch clutch 10 spline, that is where the simalaritys end.the bolt holes are farther apart than all the other pressure plates i tried. The ring gear has 148 teeth and the flywheel is 12 inches. i have a pressure plate from my 79 mustang, it is not the same,and i have a pressure plate from a 88 f150 302 not even close. please help, i might have found one at but there are no details, and i dont want to order it with out being sure. thank you
  2. I am looking for the same thngs. Did you locate a flywheel or ring gear, clutch and pressure plate?
  3. Thanks
  4. Still not locating a flywheel ring gear with 148 teeth. No luck for a used or new flywheel either. If cant find I am going to sell my King Cobra and move on. Know of anyone who is looking for a 78 King Cobra with t top. I bought the car new in 78 and was fixing it up. Motor and body good needs paint, etc. lot of new parts including new tires. all original
  5. Did you try the Facebook group I mentioned? One of those guys will know exactly what to do, and I'd be really surprised if someone didn't have a flywheel in their stash of parts (a few of those guys almost have their own scrap yard). I know some have gotten frustrated too and swapped in a T5 and a newer flywheel to avoid the whole hassle. And if you're trying to sell, I guarantee one of them will want it too. If you're not a facebook user I'd be happy to post a message for you.

    I'll be honest though Bill, the II is a pain in the neck to source parts for anymore. If you don't enjoy the challenge of hunting for parts and scouring swap meets, or fabricating and machining what you can't find, it might just make sense to move along. Where are you located if you're looking to sell? A one-owner original would probably excite quite a few folks in that group.
  6. Thanks again. I'll try FaceBook. I live in the Dallas area
  7. Made contact on Mustangii Network on Facebook and got some info that SPEC may be able to help me find a clutch and flywheel Thanks
  8. If you are ever serious about selling that King, I'm down in Temple, and know of three other II guys in the Killeen area, I'm fairly sure one of us would be interested.
  9. I have it listed on Craiglist got the starter and ring gear replaced. Needs painting and t top weather seal installed which I have
  10. Mustang II Parts | Mustang Forums at StangNet
    You can throw an ad in there as well if you like. It'd be free, and targeted to the group most likely to be interested.
  11. I have an original 302 flywheel and 4sp bellhousing. the flywheel would need to be surfaced, but ring gear teeth are all good. clutch was rusted up too bad to keep. LMK if interested