LS1 in a mustang

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Tony01GT, May 12, 2005.

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  1. the only other option would be a 7.5L/460 550hp super cobra jet, but that would be even more of a hassle. I want a 9 second car flat out. Plus I'd put nitrous on whatever engine I chose.
  2. Twin turbos :shrug:
  3. if I went twin turbos, and a built block on a modular platform I would end up paying like 15k
  4. Can you get an LS1 in the 9's for under that?

  5. He's no trader, just smart. He realizes that the 4.6 is just the more primative motor... No replacement for displacement.
  6. :hail2: thank you!!!! I love mustangs and want to keep it, just want a bigger better motor :nice:
  7. Actually it makes perfect since. Ford just don't have it when it comes to production powerplants without having to throw a supercharger on there. And honestly I think It will always be that way too. It always has been and always will be GM out powering ford.
  8. If I get a built BB stroker or similar set-up I will only get around 350 N/A hp, and then I would spray like 250 and would just be to parr with a good built LS1.
  9. There's a shop in Dallas, TX that will put an LS1 in anything...not sure about the name, though. And just for the record...anything is possible with the right amount of money! :banana:
  10. i dont really have a problem with it...i mean power is power no matter where you get it from. he is thinking efficiency. He wants the car to be as fast as possible for the cheapest. He obviously likes mustangs because he is keeping it so it doesnt seem to be that big of a deal. i dont consider him to be a trader, maybe if he said he was selling his stang to buy a gm car then he would be, well then he would definately be. just my opinions. :shrug:
  11. I will never sell my Mustang!! I'll be an old man showing it to my grandchildren telling them some stories about when I was younger.
  12. actually a ls1 will bolt into the stock k-member. i posted an article about it a while back

  13. Yea, and by then you will have spent a couple thousand.
    Take that couple thousand put it into a stock ls1, then we'll see whats up.

    BTW, when you run your stroker motor with the 250 shot, please record it because I am interested in seeing how it will blow.
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  15. :rlaugh: nice comparison
  16. It is acually pretty safe. I found a stand alone fuel system that has seperate fuel supply via small fuel cell, fuel pump, regulator, and goes directly to the fuel sol. Realy you only have to worry about drivetrain, as long as you have a quality built bottom end. I'll try to find the link for the nitrous fuel system.
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