Max-G 66 Mustang

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  1. Been posting this on some other sites but figure it's good to have it other places where I can get helpful tips (or more critics? :). Basically taking a 66 coupe that was originally a 6 cylinder with rusted floor boards and crappy quarters and putting it on an AME Max-G chassis and installing a 4.6 DOHC (unless I grab a new Coyote before I finish).



  2. Hmmm. Take a $2500 car, spend about $25K on the drivetrain and chassis and then another $15-25K for all the other stuff. You will have a severely modified car that might be worth $20K when you are done.

    Don't waste your time putting big money in a coupe. And remember that serverely modified cars have a really narrow audience.
  3. I like what you are doing! I've been following this build over on keep up the good work!
  4. who cares how much he spends...its his money.

    I can't wait to watch your progress, I love heavily modified 65/66 coupes!
  5. My only negative comment is the choice of motor. The modular line of motors all suck compaired to a pushrod except the new 5.0 with its high technology awesomeness. A pushrod motor would make more power for the same money I would bet. The 4.6 4v in my Mach 1 is an ok motor but it still only makes like 300hp/tq or so at 7,000 rpm.

    Really interested to see how the thing comes together tho.
  6. nothing wrong with a Coupe and judging from the pics you seem like a clean and organized guy with a plan, so go for it, I'm in, I can't wait to see the progress, as far as critics, you won't find a shortage of them, we the automotive fans are a vocal bunch, so one must have thick skin, and it takes a lot of guts and balls to put yourself out there like you are doing for all to see and criticize, so who cares what others think, just do it, enjoy it, and you will have plenty of fans, and otta boys
  7. Its your car and money. Build the car you want. Anybody can stick a 5.0 motor in a classic and get it running. We see them at every car show we attend. If you want the wow factor ,continue building the car as intended. I installed the 03 cobra engine and drivetrain two years ago. Before that i had a hot 351W that ran good, got maybe 8 mpg with no a/c or power steering. Now i got everything and runs just as good if not better. The next car i build will have a motor from the modular family. I've attached a pic of my engine bay. Car should go to final paint within the next couple of weeks. Keep us updated as you continue your build and good luck.

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  8. Thanks for all the comments guys (even the negative ones :) ). I'm not building the car for resale......I'm building it to have something that my boys and I can do together and end up having something fun to play around with. As far as the engine, it depends on your desired end result. I had a 351W with a Vortech J Trim back in the day but that was a race car. There are almost endless combination's for endless uses. I went with the 4.6 because it's still a little different and once I put the supercharger on it, dollar for dollar you can't match the daily driveability and reliability and horsepower. Doesn't mean you couldn't come out ahead with a pushrod engine in your particular application, just for what I want it was the better choice. I may end up switching to the 5.0 by the time I am actually ready for the engine, we'll see.

    I am still about 5 weeks out on the AME chassis. Going to try and get what I have left of a car ready. Will keep you posted.
  9. Looks awesome! I have been following your build I believe over on the Modular site. It's inspiration
  10. Sounds like a pretty kick ass build to me. Im with you on the mod motor. i plan on doing the mII front end and then its DOHC time with a 88mm beast. And im pretty much like you. Why build and spend all this to sell. Subscribed!

  11. Id love to see more pics of this car!
  12. 65 mustang terminator conversion
    Here is a copy of the link on mdularfords that i have started a build thread. I haven't updated lately. Since the last post we have sprayed the bedliner on the bottom of the car, installed fenders & lined up body gaps. Installed hydroboost and hydraulic clutch. Pretty musch all we like is alittle body work on hood & front valance and final block. I dont want to highjack this thread, so after i get some current pictures i will try and start a new thread here. Thanks
  13. Looking like a pretty cool build. Is that an autotwirler? If it is, how do you like it? I've been looking for a cart myself.
  14. This one doesn't rotate. Just let's me roll it around. Wish I had gotten the locking wheels but otherwise it serves it's purpose. Got it from Eastwood.
  15. Great project, looking forward to updates!

    I'm not sure why there's no love for the modular motors other that their size. A blown 4v makes stupid power and can be a daily driver. And the salvage yards are full of 2v motors, they are dirt cheap. Build the bottom end and add a blower and they make a ton of power too.
  16. I think it's intimidating for the do-it-yourselfer when rebuilding. SBF's are easy.
  17. Very cool project!! Gotta keep tabs on this one. A 4.6 would be sweet but that Coyote engine ($$ though) really kicks ass. I've got too many projects right now but I would absolutely love to have the new 5.0 in a Classic.
  18. Thats a sweet looking car Vinyl66. What brand exhaust tips are those on your car? Did you purchase those with a catback kit or seperatly? Thanks
  19. Thanks! My tail pipes are Flowmaster's version of the old LX style slash cut pipes. They are 2 1/2" though vs. the stock 2 1/4". I got them years ago as a full kit for the 65-66 Mustang. But you can buy the tail pipes separately if you want.