Roush Me, a rented Z06 and Las Vegas (Saleen content)

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by sy1172, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. No it wasnt directed at you. It was directed at some of the ignorant comments in this thread. Saying a car is crap because its not your favorite brand is stupid. I respect what deserves to be respected. What part of what I said was wrong?:shrug:
  2. Bowtiesblow: Well actually when I got my saleen the quality did suck but hell about 3k later it's actually really nice, I'm not trying to bag in the Z06 but some people here seem to think that it's a better car for 70k and me It's not. Yes i do have over 500rwhp and over 500rwftlbs and yea i do have about 15k worth of suspension but still I only have about 20k into the car. And I paid about 30k for the car and another 20k in mods. That's only 50k. And yea with that other 20k I could do alot. And yes actually I do know alot about cars, I just don't really care to much for chevy's and I have yet to come across one that can beat me. And actually I have gone to the track with a charged C5 Z06 and it was funny to watch him try to catch and out brake me. So I would appreicate it if you wouldn't say that I don't know to much about cars cause actually I do, and I have raced alot of them..

  3. Well I have about 20k or maybe alittle more I dunno. Full Griggs Open Track. Carbon Fiber Fenders, rear seat delete, sound depravation removed, Carbon Fiber hood, Light weight wheels, yea pretty much have to get the car to about 3100-3200lbs. I bought the full griggs but the guy that I took the car to set it up, so i'm not sure i might have a combo of different brands of things, the suspention lightened up the car alot, when my dad took the car to the guy he owned it at the time, he setup everything and did all the 1/4mile and skidpad and those where the numbers, not to mention I have 500rwhp and 500ftlbs and the power to rate ration is awesome, and i'm only running 9psi, so i can up to 18 and get over 600rwhp and over 600ftlbs, and make it more, my car is just reall dialed in for road racing..:nice: :flag:
  4. I'm not saying that the Z06 is crap I just prefer a Saleen. I'd just rather have a 06 Saleen E pocket the extra cash and put a KB blower on it to kill the new Z06. I'm sorry if I offended you. I give the Z06 the respect I just don't care for them to much...
  5. ill come out and say it....corvettes are run of the mill. and dumba$$ can go out and drop $70k and run 11s. it takes a real man to modify his ride and make something of it. not to mention...they kinda look like s#it. and considering this is a ford forum....i wouldnt be surprised to see a little bit of brand loyalty. and 98 saleen cobra....i fuggin love your car :)
  6. tru in deed:flag: I don't understand it but yea, thanks I love my car tooo :rlaugh: Hey we need to go and find a new Z06 just so we can say we beat one. When my car gets back we'll go hunting:hail2:

  7. sounds good. maybe ill smoke your ass after my twin kit is done...haha yeah i wish.
  8. Man! I wish I would have got in on this thread earlier.

    My two cents, though. My father has an '04 Z06 and I have driven the hell out of it. All I have to say is that the Z06 gets rather loose above 130 MPH; makes me a little nervous (his car is bone stock). Both of my Saleens ('99 Cobra Speedster & '01 SC) are much more stable at 130+. I agree with how the car feels when your inside; quite comfortable; feels like a cockpit. However, with Corbeau seats, I like my Saleens just as much now.

    I have an interesting note about the C6 Z06 to share; my neighbor just blew the motor on his C6 Z06 with only 800 miles on it. Ouch!

    Anyhow, after is all said and done or raced and drifted, I happier in my Saleens. I respect the Vettes, but done't want one.
  9. wsbrigham: thank you soo much for supporting this I'd rather have my saleen too.
    ahahah yea buddy bring it on lol. My dad just said huracement that there is a new 06 Z06 driving around and it's blue. So we need to go lookin, to bad my car leaves on Saturday:'( but yea it should be back before I leave for the USCG
  10. Wow, the 90 LX fox guys say this about my car and how I "bought" my power instead of turning the wrenches.

    Just food for thought.
  11. Hey 98 Saleen Cobra, do you have any pictures of your car with the HRE's? I love those wheels but never seen them on a mustang. I've thought about it though. We have different body styles but still stangs so it'd help. Thanks!
  12. Those are the same rims that I have on my car and it's a 98 I'll try to get some before my car leave for paint on Saturday and then I'll figure out how to post them for you. They are by far the nicest rim ever but damn they are expensive i think in rims and tires alone i have like 8k into them and with low profile tires you can't drive in every road but all and all a beautiful rim except mine are 18's
  13. Thanks Marcus. :drool: Those wheels are sweet. I'd go with chrome on my car but other wise perfect. Like the offset too. So about 8k huh? Well, maybe I will put that into a beater for a daily driver next year, then get those wheels in 2007.

    I really need to invent something or win the lottery...

    98, post a pic when you can (any old pic will do), love to see it, sounds like a nice setup.
  14. No problem ExtremeSaleen I will try to do that on Saturday morning. If you go onto they have the wheels there i believe they are 545R's and they have the price and such too, so if your interested check them out and they even have a 04 cobra and you can put all the rims on it to see if you like it it's pretty awesome..
  15. Like the Energizer Bunny, this thread just keeps on going... :SNSign:

    Actually I never intended to compare Fords vs. Chevys or Saleens vs. Z06s. I merely stated my dislike for Chevys in general & Vettes in particular. I just don't believe the Vette is everything it's hyped to be, performance numbers excluded.

    The problem I have with the Vette & GM in general is the apparent lack of originality & willingness to elevate their product beyond the status quo. For decades GM has teased the public with all sorts of show & concept Vettes hinting at multi-valve OHC motors, mid-engine designs & all sorts of other technology & styling that would truly set it apart amongst the domestic competition & really place it on the same level as its European counterparts.
    But every time GM merely produces yet another "update" or "evolution" of the same basic Vette in both drivetrain, suspension, platform configuration & styling.

    IMHO, GM is torn between producing the true world class sports car they probably could & would produce if so inclined, yet on the other hand they fear alienating the Corvette faithful if the design is too radical a departure from its immediate predecessor.

    GM seems to be more concerned with not losing existing customers than in gaining new ones; not losing even more market share than in expanding market share. Such timidity at the corporate level is, IMHO (again), the reason why GM is in the dire financial & market straits it has found itself in for the past several years.

    I don't personally have the stats available, but I would venture a guess as to say that the Corvette sales figures have remained relatively constant from each successive new model redesign hinting that the customer base has remained equally constant. Some people may claim to cross shop the Vette with a Porsche 911 (& its derivatives) or a Viper or other similar sports cars, but I've always been of the opinion that those who are seriously considering a Vette, Porsche, Viper, etc. are focused primarily on that particular car & are unlikely to be swayed towards making another choice.

    To bring this argument full circle, I also don't believe someone looking primarily at a Saleen Mustang is going to seriously consider a Camaro, Firebird, Supra or any other semi-comparable vehicle & certainly not the aforementioned Vette, Porsche, Viper, etc. despite Saleen itself making such direct comparisons in their marketing material.

    Does this mean I consider a Saleen to be superior to any of these other vehicles? Certainly not. Merely that the market demographics may superficially appear to be similar, but personal preferences & biases all play a factor in the individual customer's ultimate selection; brand & name plate loyalty clearly not the least of these.

    Just my dos centavos.
  16. Well said SVT SALEEN well said...
  17. That was a damn good thread SY1172 :nice:
  18. That was for sure a awesome thread tempers flared a lil though... lol