Missing 1988 Gt

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  1. Hello,

    I have a 1988 GT with a 351w swap, 4 barrel 650 double pumper holley carb, lunati voodo cam, with Flowmaster exhaust dumped before the axle. It is all black with cobra rims, fresh paint, blacked out tint with a 12" brow on the front widnshield. And it has a sunroof. And it is missing.

    I'm in the military and was stationed in Gulfport Mississippi and received orders to California. I had a "buddy" who was storing it for me in Gulfport and he got out of the military and moved. He states he left the car with someone else, that I don't even know, and now the car is missing.

    I'm trying to reach out to the Mustang community in hopes my fellow mustang lovers can help out. I have pictures available on my Facebook or even by text or email. Please search for Tino Huizar on facebook. Email [email protected] or text two-two-eight-3320053.

    I'm desperate and want my car back after thinking I could trust a fellow service member.

    Thanks in advance and hope someone can help me out.

    tinocar1.jpeg tinocar2.jpeg tinocar3.jpeg
  2. Pics of the car may help your search
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  3. I'm on my phone and can't figure out how to upload pics. It's not giving me an option to upload a pic just goes directly to the camera. And kinda why I asked to be contacted.
  4. Upload to photobucket.
  5. I don't even know what photo bucket is lol I'll see what I can do hang on
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Are they showing? Not showing on my phone

  8. Nope.. they are not showing.

    When you have the chance, email pictures to [email protected]
  9. Hahaha special email for noobz love it. Emailing now
  10. In the meantime, I'll see what I can get off of your FB page.
  11. It's a private page, you'd have to add me and i can tag you in the album
  12. Just email then.
  13. Already did.
  14. Pics loaded in your original post.
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  15. Sorry to hear about your car man I've had a few stolen/stripped for parts myself over the years.
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  16. Live on FL Panhandle, will keep an eye out.

    Try sharing this page with some of the local mustang club boards.

    Report it stolen.
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  17. Yes contact the police.
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  18. you may want to add the vin# in case someone bought it with a salvage title. Also car fax your vin and see if it comes up after you last drove it. Just some ideas to pursue
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  19. Major fault on account of Noobz.

    dj-puppet, I truly hope you find your car.

    Noobz, if you are going to plaster this stolen car up top on SN, you better do the same for anyone who comes to you with the same situation,
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  20. Good luck. Happens all the time on military bases. People pcs and leave the cars with someone, they never get picked up by the owner, and end up sold to salvage yards. A friend of mine always acquires nice cars this way. So good luck but it's probably gone to a new owner
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