Mod bug...

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  1. Transbrake launches coming soon!
  2. Are you just trying to dial in the engine a little better before you start putting load on the transbrake?

  3. No just havent raced in like 6mo, just getting's a ride :)

    Car is For Sale, make a offer if interested

  4. Ha. I haven't raced in at least half a decade. If I don't give it hell when I get to the track, I don't get another chance.

  5. My stuff is to spensive to burn up, and at these speeds it isnt hard to do. I race alot though
  6. Very nice!!
  7. makes sense chris. i thought you had the boost turned up higher. i agree to take it easy and get used to the car. its not worth that one low 9 sec pass to have the car then break and be back up on jackstands for 6 months.
  8. very nice and smart to sneak up on it
  9. Do you attend the Mustang Challenge put on by AZMP? It is held at Speed-world in Surprise. I bet if your car there, you would be the fastest car for sure. Low 10s are what usually wins the fastest street car.
  10. That was the day I raced, they had that event that night. I planned on running, but the track wouldnt allow me since no liscense.

    Guy that won this one went a 10.2
  11. Hope to make it back out on 13-15psi soon!
  12. What the hell were you racing?
  13. Looks like a Dodge Dart that has seen better days.
  14. A Dodge Dart that is faster than all of us. It only looks slow, because it's next to Chris.

  15. LMAO, that cracked me up thxs Kurt haha!
  16. :nice::hail:
  17. Thxs bud!
  18. Sweet...youll love leaving on ther brake, rev it high let it fly!