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  1. The Wraith was a Chrysler concept car. If you look closely at the hood, you can see the Chrysler logo on it. You'll also notice that almost every other car in the movie was a Chrysler, including the cop cars. Except for the modded V8 Corvette in the beginning of the movie, which mysteriously gets beaten by a 4 Cylinder Dodge Daytona. The movie was a masterpiece of product placement. Speaking of Charlie Sheen, his Buick GNX was recently on ebay, and went for retarded money. They had proof of ownership from Charlie Sheen. Of course, the new owner will have to clean all the coke and whore urine out of it before it's driveable.

  2. You know how many times I heard "Does you car have a flux capacitor"? or "Did you find cocaine in your Delorean"? I could be rich. Probably one of the reasons I stopped driving it.
  3. Those DeLoreans are neat cars. They are going to start making them again too.

  4. They are making them in Texas. A couple of guys who fixed them bought the name DMC and the remainder of the DMC-12 parts. They only made 8800 cars but had parts to make 35,000. My Dad has purchased parts from them.

    The Wheeler Dealer show did a Delorean and he went to Texas DMC bought a bunch of new parts. They come with new era stuff like DVD, Navigation, power steering and because they were under powered a turbo. The cost is around $50-55k depending on options. Considering my Dad purchased his 1981 Delorean for $28,000 + destination fee I'd say it's a good deal today for fans of Deloreans. The Wheeler Dealer guys sold theirs for more than the asking price $23,000. So a buyer would have to figure if he wanted an original low mile 1981-82 Delorean for $25-$30k or buy a brand new 1982 one for $55k.
  5. That sounds like a good deal to me. I know the prices on those are very subjective, and mostly based on condition. God help you ever getting one fixed if you wreck it though. I'd be terrified to drive on in S. Fla.

  6. Do the new ones come with flux capacitors :D
  7. You just had too. But to answer your question, it is one of the options you can get and I'm not joking. When the Wheeler Dealer guy was in there buying parts the owner had an exact replica of the Back To The Future car which of course had a flux capacitor thingy. Mike asked if he could get one of those and the owner of DMC said of course, it's available.

    Rev, I wouldn't ride a motorcycle down here in S. Fla that for sure. They sell thin stainless steel panels for them, it isn't expensive as most people think. My Dad got hit in a parking lot on the door. The panel was shot. The insurance gave him money for a new gulwing door $3500. The panel was like $900, doesn't need any paint of course.
  8. Yeah, that isn't that bad.

  9. Very nice, congratulations.

  10. That's it? I'm telling you give it up, PM your price.
  11. thats good but i really thought you get would get a sub 9.50 this round. how did you feel about the run? could it have gone more?
  12. Was a dusty day amd pitted in the dirt doesnt help lol. Yes I still need a new trim piece haha.
    Car is leaving ok, still need to fine tune it. Once I leave hard on the brake it should make for some good wheels up pics. Looks like the tires were low on this launch also. I'm getting there, TNT'ing to fig it all out.

  13. With only 11psi of boost, this was great for me! This was also only the 5th pass since all the changes. Just creeping up on it. Everyone local is like CRANK IT UP and go low 9's, but when I fry a motor it's my deal not theirs haha. Thats why I am taking my time, just glad to be racing and the car isn't breaking haha. I'm pretty sure on 13psi like 2 weeks ago when I went 146, the car may have went a .40 or better. I still have the air filter on, full exh, and my tune was my intial E85 tune. My tune isn't "soft" but it is very conservative. I tuned the car last on 18psi, so with the boost down I have been fine. I keep a close eye on everything and to this point everything has been legit. Thats the main reason I am creeping up on it so slow, I havent re-tuned since the new heads/intake either.
    I don't want to crank the boost and run it hard untill my tuner can meet me at the track to fine tune it, but that is coming soon!

  14. LMAO
  15. Kinda bummed about the pic, everyone said both wheels were 4-5" in the air. Looks like they were wrong or he snapped the pic on the way down.

    Either way cool pic, even though it's on the "bad side" with missing trim HAHA and the car is filthy thanks to the AZ dust blowing everywhere that day.
  16. That is a good picture. Are you launching it off the trans brake yet? Ain't that the truth. Everyone wants to run a car hard when it isn't theirs.

  17. I like the 5.4 badge on it. Clean the wheels man. I know, it was dusty. Have someone run over and clean the wheels after the burnout.
  18. I California dusted it 3 times during the day, only for it to be dusty and ugly 20min later.

    I gave up on it after that.