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  1. This is how I ran them, I'm ok with it. How do you guys think the front fuel lines look. I also re-did the rear ones, they use to be hidden I kinda like the look of how I did them out in the open. All opins welcome

    Out with the green and in with the blue vaccum fittings

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  2. The catch can stuff is next, thats why the lines look silly, long, and not right.
    Re-doing it all in -12
  3. it looks great can you tuck the can can back where the ac stuff used to be ?
  4. I could but like it there, just powdercoated it...gotta let it be seen HAHA
  5. Trying to hide that ugly powerpipe hole from my blower days LMAO
  6. yes i remember those days
  7. Looks good. I've considered them elbow intakes but have always worried about hood clearance. Looking forward to seeing it all done
  8. Thanks man, got it running today!
  9. NICE! Any video of it running?

    I've always kinda expected you to smooth out the engine bay and all that. I guess for a track car it's not needed but always thought you would for looks
  10. I have always said I would to, but my motor doesnt come out much.

    Maybe next time its out. It is actually a street car, a drive it quite abit but it is setup for the track. I am on the going fast thing alot more these days than looking good.

    No vid yet sorry.
  11. Put the new AJE bushings in the A-arms tonight, fought with this thing for hours. The new bushing flanges are 1/8" or so thicker. Add this up between 4 bushings on each side and guess what, the A-Arm did not wanna go in. I could trim to fit but you know what, f-that.
    I tried one old bushing and one new, the A-Arm went in but a gap still exsisted. This gap I questioned AJE about numerous times and they say it is fine. I don't like it at all. There is a gap between the bushing and kmemever, but the steel sleeve that is inside the bushing does mate up with kmember. This is normal for their older kmembers they said.
    Long story short my Kmemeber and A-Arms will be forsale for a steal, with new A-Arm bushings and I am going a diff route.
    UGHHHHHHHHHHHH always something, I am super pist right now.

    Bushing broken, huge gaps
    Bushing diff, flange is MUCH thicker
    In A-arm, no chance of going in kmember this way unless i destroy bushing, tons of binding or buzz the flange down so ti will go
    One old one new bushing so the A-arm would install. Still a bear to get in, and gap stiff exsist. If this is normal, which they claim this is not the kmemeber for me
    K-Member and A-arms for sale for 350$ (1/2 price) if anyone is insterested. You can call AJE and confirm the gaps are normal. I just do not want this on my car.

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  12. dang, that sucks. i'm surprised they wouldn't let you return the a-arms and get your money back.
  13. Doubtful being a 10yr old a-arm haha

    I will either ditch this entire setup, or at a min get new adj hiem style a-arms. Those come with spacers and I think the gap can be filled
  14. oh, never mind. i thought you had gotten new ones you were thinking about and this was what you found with them.
  15. I see, sorry!

    LOL, embarassing......


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  16. Took a vid with my cell, not sure whats up with the sound but this is all I have for the time being. Some things are still messy but it runs! I will tidy it up once I get the suspension done and take a decent vid with my real camera so you can hear the car lol


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  17. what is that other big hole in the passenger's side fender (closer to the shock tower) for? i was thinking it was for the pipe from the intercooler, but now i see that i was wrong.
  18. AFM powerpipe from my supercharged days, scroll up a few posts we were just talking about it!

  19. Wow, that bushing deal is a mess. Swap to the heim ends, you'll love it.

    If you hit a stingy tech at a NHRA track they may give you a hard time about the fuel stuff on the firewall...that is illegal but I see A LOT of them at the track. If you ever read the stuff they say about brake lines that cross over the flywheel/flex plate it would shock you since they should be in a piece of tubing to prevent an issue if the flywheel would come up through the dash. How may mustangs do you see with that?

    Looks good! What size and brand waster gate is that, I still need to get one from mine, been looking at a 60mm.
  20. The pic makes it look like the fuel stuff is on the firewall but it's not. I have seen that 1st hand when I use to tech cars at our local track, quite common.

    The gate is a 44mm TiAl