Modified V6 Mustangs......Street Scenes Kits

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  2. Definitely the upper set.
  3. I was teasing with the "ladies" jab. And I personally hate nearlly all body kits. As I said be it on 2.3, 3.8, 4.0, 4.6, 5.0 etc etc this one looks cheap and more at home on some cheap Civic than a Mustang.

  4. <------------ owns 98 V6 ;)
  5. doh!!! please accept my apologizes..
  6. I know that now Sarge (John)..... Like I said, I am sorry to have jumped on the comment. GTJade set me straight real quick like though! :flag:

  7. Definitely the upper set - match the sizing on the back louvers and really makes it look kick a$$!! :nice:
  8. Ummm, yes they can....

    I am not sure how everyone thinks not supporting the visual raping of a perfectly good V6 mustang is putting down V6 Mustangs. They are great cars and good for the entry level owner. Now everyone take a deep breath and think about this.

    If the GT was the same price would you have bought it? If the insurance was the same price would you have bought it? I'd list gas mileage but am unsure if the difference is that great.

    If the answer is any of these questions is no, you are either a liar or dillusional. Now, my point of view is this. Don't dress her up before you teach her to dance. Making a slow car look fast is IMO a waiste of your money. I only suggest to wait, save and get what you really want.

    Now for the small % of V6 owners who really just want a plasic'd upped V6, I am sorry if I offend you, but I think your car is a joke. That's my .02

    And yes, I had a V6 mustang at 23 years old. I was one of the first in my area with a 94 and got quite a bit of looks and discussion back then. Then I lost to a pick up on the highway and realized how slow it was. I did nothing, drove it for 117,000 miles and traded it in for my wifes CRV. Never modded it, never thought about modding it, simply because I wanted so much more.
  9. Sounds like you're equally dilusional!

    If people want to make something unique out of their car then thats their business. You have no right to tell them what to do with their ride. I personally think people who put 20-inch wheels on their cars are NUTS. Do I go around telling them this? No... If these people want to "Pimp their Ride" thats their right. They have to live with the eye-sore not me.

  10. You are completely right. While I don't think these kits are as bad some people put on their cars, they don't do anything for the great looks the car already has imho. But, since the owner is paying for the car I believe they should be able to do what they want.
  11. Szlachcic and Martimus,

    I could not agree more with your statements! "To each his/her own"...... :) I agree that each of us personalizes our vehicles to become a distinctive individualized vehicle. I read somewhere that 8 out of every 10 modified vehicles on the road is a Mustang... Wouldn't it be boring if we all had the same car.....we all would have nothing to talk about. :) :cheers:

  12. I don't remember calling the cops on anyone dressing up a V6.

    To each his own. I only responded to an already ongoing conversation.

    Again, logically looking ahead. You spend enough money on a V6 plus mods to the looks and the total is close to that of a GT. You then loose a race to a $22,000 Neon. I know, I know, your never gonna race. I don't think BleeBlee can say that. He is young and full of pi$$ and vinegar and he will be deflated when he loses.

    Call me what you want but 5 to 10 years from now, BleeBlee will remember my voice of reason.

    Sorry if I offend, but life is full of steps and you shouldn't add to your time on the bottom rung if it can be avoided. I.E. save money-get what you really want sooner rather than later.

    Keep it clean and even though it is a V6 it will garner respect and attention. Nothing better than a clean, shiny car. Doesn't matter what motor is in it, when I see a clean, unmolested Mustang I cannot help but stare.
  13. LOL... is the funny thing about your wisdom, there Boss....... I GOT RID OF A 03 GT and GOT an 05 V-6....... Could have easily got a V-8 or even an 03 Roush 360R.....Been there, done that, but I will not grow a dick or garnish respect, or change who I am based on what I drive. I bought the 03 GT with CASH....enjoyed it for 18 months and sold the damn thing after I broke the upper and lower control arms pulling a Steve MaQueen over a street bump...... I raced, I drifted and I rode that **** hard! It was a great time, but I am OVER IT...... I like what I do to my car... clean to you is boring me. My dad never let anyone tell him that his chop-top 32 Ford Custom was a goddy POS, and I will not be sold on anyone telling me what looks good or bad. To each his own on the apperance modifications.....

    So, in the end, I will not have to call you in 5 - 10 years to see how I am feeling, because I will have saved on gas, maintenance and insurance costs what you are spending on a GT (been there too!)......

    This vehicle fit my lifestyle. It had little to do with budget Bud. Check yourself before you start making those one-sided, totally biased opinions.... :mad: :damnit: LOL....

  14. I've driven 2.3, 3.8, 4.6s and 5.0s. No chance I am going back to anyhting smaller than a v8 in a Mustang. I had my time in the lesser cars. I do own an I4, and I6 and a V6 to go along with my S/C'ed V8. :)

  15. I'm sorry, are you BleeBlee????

    If you are then you remember your posts about wanting a GT and not having the cash.

    How about not just quickly reading a post and then belching a knee jerk reply, but listening or understanding what it says.


    Any more questions? Take a deep breath and take it ALL in next time.
  16. Oh by the way, was it a V6 in your daddy's car???

    I'd guess not.
  17. :stupid: Now a moslested V6 Mustang is equal to a 32 street rod. Love it. :banana:
  18. Take your med's dude...

    Oh and by the way I agree with Jenn, a clean and unmolested car is BORING!!! To me there isn't an issue with modding the car if thats what you want to do. If, however, you're trying to make it something its not then maybe there should be self-imposed limits.

    Of course to extend that logic one could say any GT owner who upgrades intake, upgrades exhaust, upgrades tires and rims, adds a s/c, or adds a body kit is only trying to make a Cobra or Shelby or Saleen out of their V-8. Based on your sentiment this would also be a bad thing, true?

    I suppose there's a lot of people on these forums who you must see as being wrong...
  19. So then, I state the comment to one person. Name him in the post. Confirm I was communicating to him and it is still taken as a blanket statement.

    I am confused. Please let me know if this makes sense because it was not a blanket statement.

    No one is wrong damnit, he said he really wanted the GT. Does anyone get this??