Mustang go fast parts, NOS, Autometer, Kenne Bell and more

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by Doodler, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. 've decided to go a different route since the car has a stock shortblock and hyper internals. So in an effort to avoid a ticking time bomb, I'm going to build a shortblock first.

    Kenne Bell 2.2. Flowzilla inlet. Gt40/Cobra style plenum. It's been modified for an FMIC. Comes with the FMIC, Vortech Mondo BOV, all the tubing, a couple of belts, extra oil and a bunch of pulleys and puller. The car has a pretty nasty electrical problem, so it hasn't had any use out of it since I put it on. I just had the head unit shipped to Kenne Bell and they said that it looked great. One of the pipes has been tapped for Meth Inj. Kit is still on the car right now right now.
    $2500 obo

    Snow Performance Stage 2 kit with Vari-cool pump controller. 220psi pump, 1/2 gal reservoir modified with a low-level indicator, a bunch of extra 1/4" hose. This is a bad ass kit. I'm just not going with a boosted route anymore.
    $300 obo

    C&L 73mm mass air. It doesn't have a meter for it. I bought this a long time ago for a foxbody that I've since sold. I've been using it at a pencil holder since.
    $70 obo

    NOS big shot plate. Just the plate, no solenoids. GT40/Cobra style.
    $100 obo

    2 1/16" White face Autometer boost gauge. Brand new, installed just in time to change my mind.
    $40 obo

  2. where are you located?
    I am interested in the blower kit.
    Is it intercooled?
  3. I'm located in St Paul, Minnesota. This set up is for a 302 with the GT40 style lower intake. So this wouldn't work on you 99 if it's a 4.6.
  4. thnx bud. was looking for the 4.6.
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