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  1. My friend has an account on and I was skimming through it the other day... anyway i saw a lot of civic owners saying that mustang owners are cocky and arrogant and that we think our cars are automatically fast because they aren't 4 cylinders. So here are my questions- 1)Why did such a disliking toward mustang owners develop from the civic owners? and 2)Would you ever take a civic over a mustang? -Chris
  2. Because the majority of mustang owners are cocky little pricks. At least around here. In all honesty, I'd take a civic over a V6 mustang because I enjoy the reliability AND the fact that it doesn't feel like I'm driving a boat.
  3. yur gonna get owned
  4. To answer your second question, only if the civic was free and I still wouldn't pick it over a Mustang.
  5. Well I'm arrogant towards Civics because I think my car is nicer, has a better image about its self, and looks a thousand times better. But do I think its faster? No, not really.

    Would I take a Civic over a Mustang? Hell no.
  6. well i know mine is faster, and more exciting than a civic, i know this girl with one, when she punches it, theres no get up and go, it just kinda putzes its way up
  7. My friend has a Auto 2000 Mustang V6 stock, and he is always destroying his friend's 2003 modded manual Civic. The V6 never had any problems, the Civic is already loosing the clutch and making strange vibration exhaust sounds.

  8. 1. Because a lot of the civic owners (the ricers) think their cars are faster than anything on the planet. They're not. I don't have a disliking for them personally, I just think its funny that the little kids around here pimp out their civics with fart cans and pimp wheels and suddenly want to race me because they have 100 rwhp. I'm not claiming my big bad v6 is fast or anything, but I personally don't go around pretending I am.

    2. Would I ever take a civic over a mustang? Depends what you're referring to. If we're looking at gas mileage, Civic. If we're talking about speed, it depends what model and what's been done to them, etc. If we're talking about which car I would choose flat out for anything... I choose the mustang for a number of reasons. First, IMO civics are butt ugly. Second, they are front wheel drive, which, while it's definitely better for snow, is no fun to drive. Third, the majority of kids around here with Civics are deusche bags... i have no desire to be one of them. I'm sure there are more things I'm forgetting but you get the idea.

  9. I'd rather feel like I'm driving a boat than actually be driving an economy car.
  10. I'd rather be driving an economy car that can run mid 15's instead of a boat that can run mid 15's. And say what you want, a stock Civic Si CAN run mid 15's.
  11. Well you have your opinion and I have mine. Anyway, I would hope the Civic Si can run mid 15's. It IS the top of the line civic after all. As ugly as the new one may be. Actually the only civics around here I actually mildy respect are the SIs and the hatchbacks. They actually have a decent amount of power and the hatchbacks are really light. I might consider respecting some civic coupes if any of them around here were actually fast. Maybe if I lived on the west coast and turbo/sc civics were more common I would think twice about laughing when a kid in his 4 door civic pulls up next to me at a stop light and revs his powerful 130 or 140 hp vtec engine. Though (on a side note) I will say, the guy across the street has a type R teg and it's pretty sharp.
  12. I would drive a civic if it were on the back of a tow truck. The truck would be fun to drive at least.

    Since a mustang does have more cylinders, I would say they are faster, a stock cobra can run mid 13's, and what a civic si can run mid 15's woow that's fast. The si is the creme dela creme of the civic right, well if it isn't whatever. compare apples to apples at least. Base model stang to base model civic what is the difference I don't know don't care either. A civic is an economy car anyway you look at it. When I think of speed I don't think of a nice economical boat anchor. I would rather drive the boat then the boat anchor.

    Civics lick balls as a fast car, and well am I cocky, yes!
  13. So hostile as always haha.
    I'll add to this by saying...
    yes an assload of mustang drivers are cocky and think their car is faster than it really is. Then there are the v8 bunch that think anything smaller than a v8 is gay.
    I'll also say that alot of civic/integra/prelude drivers do also. (these people usually fall into category of "ricer"
    you can throw alot of the LT1 and LS1 drivers in there too.
    I'd rather pick a v6 mustang over a civic Si because...
    I like big cars over smaller cars. Hey, it's all about preference right?
    That is also the reason why i like F-Body's and Mustangs.
    I also like the RWD too.
    no offense to any of the v8 drivers that do not fall into the category of cocky **** who think anytihng smaller than a v8 is gay.
    i love v8's and wish i had one, but I do not bash other cars because their engines aren't as big.
  14. Si ain't economic car. More power= less mpg
  15. absolutely not! I would be the laughing-stock of my family lol..I have no need for a civic, sure they are good on gas but I have an 85 golf diesel and the fuel economy in that thing is remarkable. So I certainly wouldnt need a civic for gas mileage, and I sure as hell wouldn't want it for power! I drove one, it was gutless. clutch felt like I was stepping in a bucket of **** :notnice:

    rice may give you gas, but it won't give you muscle :nice:
  16. In my area it's the idiots in the Civics that are the "cocky little pricks". I'll just be driving along minding my own business, and then I'll hear an annoying, buzzing sound behind me. I'll look back, and there is some guy in a riced out Civic giving it all it's got trying to get by me. It's usually pretty entertaining to see that "I wish this thing would freakin' move" look on their face. :rlaugh: To date my Mustang has never seen the back of any Honda that has tried to take me on. This leads me to the second question. Would I take a Civic over a Mustang?

    When hell freezes over, and the Devil gives free dog sled rides. :rlaugh:

    Why would I want a small, slow, ugly car when I can get a bigger, faster, and a heck of a lot better looking one? I don't understand the logic (or lack thereof) of people that would get a Civic over a Mustang. :shrug:
  17. Or here in Indy :)

    That's about the dumbest thing I've ever heard anyone say.
  18. i hate hondas they don't seem to last the way a subaru does. and subarus are a lot nicer and way fast with a lot of bottem and midrange torque.i would choose a subaru if i had to choice between the 2. and the subarus can beat the v6 mustang but the stang is an american muscle car, even if it does have a six in anyway i like the stangs and subarus, i always wanted a stang and now i have 2. 76 mustang 2 with v8 and 4 speed and the new one. a 95 5 spd v6 with a crapload of extras. hell it even has a bunch of slung bearings. kidding that sucks so it will be fixed soon. hondas are junk. they are for grannies and those girls that are just getting their liscense.
  19. To each his own.

    I could have gotten a Honda (2003 accord 4 cyl) - but I chose the mustang.
    Great looks, decent performance, and RWD - just what i wanted.

    Anyway - when i drove my rental stang in Detroit last winter, a hot girl on the sidewalk stopped and just stared at me driving. It was that moment I realized i wanted a mustang.

    Mustang just gets the looks and gets the awes. No way around that - especially with a Honda. Its the perfect attention getter... :D
  20. New Si in the Mid-15's: Rare

    99+ V6 in the Mid-15's: Slightly above average

    New Si in the Low 15's: NEVER

    99+ V6 in the Low 15's: Uncommon

    New Si in the 14's: HAHA

    99+ V6 in the 14's: Extremely Rare, but not impossible

    *Assuming all cars are stock

    Oh, and the Stang is:

    1. Cheaper (actually, you can get brand new V6's for 12,xxx, so as cheap or cheaper than ANY new civic except maybe a manual one with no tach, AC, or CD)

    2. RWD... I test drove a new Si for the fun of it after I drove a new Civic for my brother that was manual w/ NO TACH (what the crap? ***s at honda just want you to pay 1000 for the next level up so you can have a tach that would cost them $5 to put in.) and I went to turn onto a street and the dumb thing with its bicycle tires started peeling out and because you can't steer when your steering wheels have no traction, it almost pulled me into the curb. Fortunately I let off enough for the rubber bands to get traction and gained control. So then the salesmans like,"More powerful than you thought, huh?" and I said, "No I'm just not used to bicycle tires and GAY FWD!" He was fairly quiet after that.

    3. Better Looking: Yeah, looks are opinion, but 98% of the population would say that my mustang looks better than a giant shoe.

    4. 90% of Mustang owners aren't annoying ricers (though, admittedly, some are annoying, but thats the same with every car. Mustangs just get a bad rap with imports because the imports not only get annoyed, they usually get OWNED.)
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