1. Check your timing.
  2. It's set at 12* with the tab pulled. Need to pick up a fuel pressure gage and check that out. It starts and idles fine even revs good in park but driving it down the road I'd swear it only has about 100hp.
  3. Not sure still what the problem is. I have good spark and fuel. Replaced the ignition module and coil with no change. Most of the codes are EGR related except 13 19 and 96. Resetting the computer to see if all the codes come back.
  4. I'm stumped. number 1 cylinder is dead but has 160psi, spark and the injector is firing. Cylinders 5 and 7 are both weak but everything checks out. Looks like I'll have to get some help figuring it out. In kinda leaning toward the computer.
  5. Does anyone know where I can get a custom tuned pcm? I need to replace mine I belive and would like to remove all egr function if posable
  6. Just picked up a used computer that is known to work so I'll swap it out and keep my fingers crossed.
  7. Well that was not the problem. Found some hacked wires tho while swapping out computers. I have to track them all down and at least replace the speaker wire with a proper replacement. Looks like they replaced the plug ends on both relays that are by the PCM. I believe they are for the fuel pump and power for the pcm.
  8. I didn't go back and re-read but, what codes are you showing?

    Some of those symptoms you describe sound like the EEC is in limp mode.

  9. 13 19 and 96 also got a 10 but not every time. I agree I think it's in limp mode but not sure why yet and how can I tell for sure will it through a code? Oh and 2 times self test failed not even sure what that means.
  10. Key On Engine Off test

    13 ISC did not respond properly (extends to touch throttle then retracts for KOEO) – ISC

    19 No Vehicle Power (pins 37 + 57) or bad PCM VPWR Diagnosis

    96 Fuel pump monitor circuit shows no power – Power / Fuel Pump Circuits
  11. I hate electrical problems.im Going to start with the code 19 when I get home. I Got a little bummed out because of all the time and money put into the motor and now it won't run right kinda sucked. It's killing me it has this new motor in it and runs like crap. I want to see how well it can run.
  12. Electrical gremlins can be a beotch to figure out, but they are much better than having fuel related issues.

    Ask me how I know....
  13. Ok did the check for code 19 and everything checked out. Power at both pins and the injectors. Plugged it back in and no code now, still runs like garbage. So this is what I am trying to convince my self is the problem. Testing the fuel pressure I get 34 - 36 psi running with vac line disconected. Now today I was re checking with some help and noticed when pressure gage is at 0 and the key is turned on it jumps maybe 5psi and jumps about 5-6 psi every time the key is turned on. Also it drops 1-2 psi each time as well. With the gage at 0 and turn key to run its jumps to 5 psi then turn to start it rises very slowly, it takes 5-10 seconds to reach 35psi. The car starts at about 20. Does this sound normal? I mean really it has 36 psi when it's running so does anything else matter?
  14. Build looks good!

  15. Thanks still working out the bugs.
  16. Look normal? Seems to me vac should be a little higher at idle.

  17. Me too! This is my first EFI build. It's a little more cop complicated than it carbureted build. About to put my third fuel pump in , with less than two hours of run time
  18. I'm about to put my first fuel pump in. Also my first efi build. I'm about ready to trade I'd for a carb setup...lol. That's how it goes tho. The car ran before I built the motor and first thing when we went to start it the starter wad bad. It's started the old motor just fine but was locked up by the time I was ready to hit the key.
  19. he8e2u6u.jpg this is with it running. It takes about 4-5 key cycles to prime to 34ish. Also takes about 5 seconds to build up when it starts. I pinched off the return line and was able to get it to 50psi. Thing is it will build the pressure up but I don't think it has the flow.
  20. Dont trade yet. Hang in there. Ive been chasin gremlins for almost a month now. Pain in the spincter but i think its gonna be worth it.... At least it better! LOL