My 5.1 Stroker, F1-A Procharged 03 Cobra

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  1. Vehicle was completely assembled by Insane Speed of Las Vegas.


    Full color change in Dupont Single Stage Hot Rod Black (No runs or streaking)
    Headlights, Taillights, and markers professionally blacked in flat
    Bullet Wheels, painted satin black
    Goodyear F1 tires 275/45/17 front
    Mickey Thompson ET Street 315/35/17 rear
    Calipers Painted Gloss Black


    Certified 12pt WolfCraft 8.5 cage powdercoated black
    Stock seats and interior
    Brand New Black Carpet
    VIS Cobra 3 inch Cowl Hood (latches in factory location)


    Fully built 5.1 Stroker by Lawless Engines
    (Lawless built all engines for Hot Rod Fuller's NHRA Top Fuel Team)
    Fresh Core
    Block Bored
    Honed with Torque Plates
    Line Honed
    Balanced + Pin Fit
    Ford V8 4.6 LT Pistons
    4340 Crank w/3.750 Stroke
    JE Straight Wall Pins
    Custom Performance Coated Rod Bearings
    Clevite Main Bearings
    ARP Main Studs

    380cfm Lawless ported heads
    (These heads are 100% hand ported with over 100 hours into them. They became the blueprint for Lawless’ full on CNC race head.)
    Brand New Cores
    Competition Port and Polish
    Five angle valve job
    Beehive valve springs
    135.6 20 degree valves
    116.3 30 degree valves
    Ferrea Competition Valve Seats
    Ferrea titanium retainers
    Ferrea valve keepers
    Ferrea spring seats
    Ferrea spring locaters
    Ferrea valve guides
    ARP Head studs
    Custom Grind Cams + Retainers
    Ford 4.6 Head Gaskets
    Maximum Motorsports Oil Filter Relocation
    F1 Procharger Cog Driven


    Custom Race Intercooler (Greddy Core)
    Custom Aluminum Overflow Can
    Custom Brushed IC Piping
    Fluidyne radiator

    Transmission + Drivetrain:

    D&D Performance Viper Spec T56
    Billet High Spline shafts
    Fully Cryo'd Gears
    Mcleod Street Twins Clutch
    Upper Adjustable Clutch Quadrant
    B+M Short Throw Shifter
    Aluminum 1 piece driveshaft
    Billet Rear Diff Bracing


    Maximum Motorsports Complete K-Member Package
    MM Tubular K-Member Brace
    MM Front Control Arms
    MM Urethane Bushings
    MM Caster/Camber Plates
    Bilstein Struts
    MM Spherical Washer Rack Bushings
    MM Lowered Sway Bar End Links
    HyperCoil Coil Over Springs


    Kooks 1 3/4x3' Headers
    Jet Hot Coating on Headers
    Kooks 3 inch X-Pipe
    SLP Stainless X-Pipe back


    Weapon-X Xcop Ignition Coil Set
    Diablo Computer

    Fuel System + Intake:

    Sullivan Performance Black Powdercoated Intake Manifold
    Accufab Single Blade Throttle Body
    Lethal Performance/Fore precision billet fuel hat W/ SINGLE 8an line
    Twin Ford GT Super Car Fuel Pumps
    Complete Sullivan Fuel System with 8an line front to back all with black earls an fittings
    Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pressure Regulator
    Aeromotive 10AN Port Fuel Filter
    Sullivan Polished Fuel Rails
    Sieman Deka 63lb Flow Matched Injectors
    Lethal Performance Dual Fuel Pump Driver Modules


    Flaming River Steering Shaft

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  2. so ****ing badass :drool:
  3. so....what are the final numbers?
  4. Looks nice, but probably would lose to a Civic in a race... Since you can't get it out of first gear with that shifter! :p

    Seriously though, awesome car man!! Is is street legal with those lights?
  5. That is hands down the sickest new edge I've ever sen in my life. Holy ****ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!! :hail2:
  6. dude, that thing is effin sick! nice work, i love that flat black.
  7. wow that is absolutely awesome.

    I'll trade you everything I own for it, including my wife
  8. if i had a wife i would trade her 4 it. lol
  9. i dont even post in this part of stangnet...but holy **** thats a sexy sexy car
  10. so sick dude great job! most badass cobra i've ever seen
  11. It made 920rwhp on E85.

    Thank you gentlemen. I really appreciate the compliments. :nice:
  12. Nice looking car, that is for sure. The polished lip on the rims looks out of place, though, with all of that other stuff blacked-out.

    Either way, great job!