My 89 LX Build Thread!

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  1. You are doing a great job on that rear end, but I'm with Mustang5l5 on it. Did you see it on your buddy's car with 17x8 wheels? If it is a 99-04 model, you may not be happy with the way it will look with those split 5 spoke wheels. The 99-04 rear ends move the wheels out over 1.25" further than the stock Fox rear end and axles. That will put the edge of the wheel about even with the outside of the rear wheel wells, and depending on your tires, you will need to roll the fenders and may still have some rubbing. I have a friend with a SVO rear end (and that is narrower than a 99-04) and he has 17x8 Cobra wheels. His rear end and wheels just look out of place IMO. Just something to keep in mind.
  2. You're an inspirational little dude. I'm following this one closely, still. Keep it coming! :nice:
  3. Thanks guys! I think the wheels look just right being stuck out there. He ran around on my prostars and 275 Nitto DRs with no problems. He just rolled his fenders with a baseball bat. I'll probably do the same thing, but I'll heat the paint first so it won't crack as bad. Heres some pics of how it looked on 275s

    Even with my 17x9s...
  4. Where's this huge update you eluded to???
  5. Then that might not be a 99-04 rear...which is good.

    If it was, the wheels would stick way out and you'd know it.

    Good progress so far. Enjoy seeing your posts
  6. Yea I found out today that the rear is in fact NOT a 99-04. It's a 98!!! So, thats good news!

    The big update is going to be posted later tonight. So far, it looks like it's going to happen!!!
  7. Ah, the suspense. You do great work man, especially for being so young. I wont call ya little dude, cause I think you have 6" of height on me. Let's hope this update includes a wrecked 03-04 cobra...
  8. Thanks man!!!
    I wish the update was as big as finding an 03 Cobra, but it isn't.

    Heres the big (well, big to me) update.



    Went and looked at this today. I should be bringing it home this week sometime. 88 Gt with all of the wiring (it has been converted to Mass Air too) and misc. parts that I need!!! Now, all i'm lacking is an engine and trans. I should be able to get this car going within the next month or so. I got a pretty good deal on it. Lets just say that I'm into the whole LX car, the 5 lug rear, front 5 lug stuff, wheels/tires, 2 FULL interiors, the Gt body, and everything for less than $1500. I think I will be able to finish it up for less than $2500.

    The plans for the Gt body are unclear at this point, but after I get the Lx done, I will bring the Gt back into the shop and start doing everything all over again! I'm thinking about doing a 93 Cobra clone, or maybe a Saleen... who knows! All I know is that i'm a very happy kid!!!
    Also, I talked to my dad about working more than usual for him this summer. He's going to put me on the clock. I'm also going to get more serious into my car detailing business. I have a bunch of cars lined up already. So that means a bunch more money to spend on foxes!!!
  9. the shock towerd are ready to go on that gt i can see unless u can weld and repair it i wouldnt use it for more than a parts car these care are notoriously bad in those spots for rust
  10. Keep up the good work and keep those updates coming, look forward to seeing them!
  11. Great thread. What kind of lift is that?
  12. Young man, you should come by my place. I've got a reef blue lx I need to introduce you too. I think you'd have fun playing together.:D
  13. I had them wheels on my old coupe and i think they looked good on it.
  14. Id use that GT as a parts car only. No sense in having 4 mustangs, especially when you are going to yank the wiring in it for the LX, just to have to replace it again to actually build the car... You have so much ambition though, dont lose that as you get older and you will be a successful man.
  15. Thanks everybody!!! The lift is a Benk-pak. Farmers SN95, that does look good! They just looked wierd on my coupe though.

    No new updates really. I pulled out the gas tank, but I haven't picked up my donor car yet.. I probably won't get it until this weekend. But once I do get it, I will go to town tearing it apart! I have decided NOT to build the Gt up. I'm just going to strip all the stuff off of it that I need and then sell the body or cut off the quarter panel so I can fix the coupe. I would kinda like to put some cash in the bank for later on when I need it for something important.
  16. my vote is to build the gt, if it goes to far down the parts car road it could be lost forever. save the car!! you are getting good with a fox body and whats wrong with one more horse in the
  17. Guess I forgot to post this pic of the Gt...

    The floor pan split and started to rust around the pinch weld. No doubt it could be fixed, but it would take a bunch of work. After the Lx is done and sold, I will be on the prowl for a running car to mess around with this winter. I don't really want another major project now. I'm getting kinda burnt out on foxes right now. It feels really good to get in the SN95 car and just go. I haven't drove the coupe in a few weeks because of how burnt out I am on foxes. It's just been sitting outside. :notnice:
  18. Part it out. I made some good cash parting out some stangs. $250 for car....$1500 in profit :)