My Big Block Fox Finished Product...56k Warning

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by ExplodingGopher, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. Well i've been having some issues lately with oil pressure dropping when under throttle, looks like it may be a pickup tube problem. But anyways, thought i'd share my first vids so you guys can hear how she sounds.

    I took some videos of a drive and one of it sitting in neutral and revving.

    View attachment 217659

    Neutral revs:
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  2. what water pump is on there?

    also, did you use the frpp swap pan? They are very bad about leaving the pickup dry as stock. Seen several torched bearings come through kaase's and they all had the frpp pan.
  3. CSR electric, and yes i have the FRPP swap pan with a melling standard volume/pressure pump, i'm gonna pull the pan and check the pickup tube for incomplete brazing and i did not put a gasket between where thee pickup connects to the pump, so i think its sucking air. O and this only happens once the oil is up to temp. using rotella T 15W-40
  4. I should have clarified, the aluminum one in the pictures when you are setting the motor in the car.

    The problem with the pan is it is a poor design. It will leave the pickup dry under hard acceleration . . . and even on something like your setup has a chance of getting some air in it.
  5. The aluminum one in the pics is an edelbrock one i think, can't remember, it didn't flow enough at idle in heavy traffic.

    I know its not as good as the other brands, but i got it for free b/c i worked at an FRPP dealer. I don't think its the pan however. It will do it sitting still in neutral revving like in the second video, that was the first time i noticed when it did it sitting still. I think the pickup may not be completely brazed to the tube, or the part where it connects to the pump (missing gasket) is sucking air. It will not do it under hard acceleration or sitting still while the oil is cold. Of course i could have a cracked pickup tube, or cracked oil pump which is more unlikely but possible. I guess i won't know until i drop the pan, the used oil had no signs of bearing wear either. I'm over on the forums asking around looking for some advice and so far what i've said is from them. I started simple and checked the pickup clearance when i changed the oil, it was 1/2" and i made it 5/8" to see if it made a difference, which it didn't so the only things i can think of are pickup tube and pump. Really can't afford a new pan right now, though i'd love a canton :(

    Do you use a gasket for the pump to block seal?