My Fox Is 25yo. Historical Plates?

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  1. Do all classic plates in PA come with that grandpa model T picture? I hope not :/

  2. I will be getting 'antique' plates, here in NH, next year!
  3. ive got the old style PA classic plates on mine

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  4. In pa, there is a clear distinction between classic and antique. Classic cars still require a yearly state inspection ( no emissions). Antique must be (I think) 25 yrs or older. And there are less restrictions surrounding the state inspection requirements. The classic tag looks like the one posted by madspeed.
  5. Thanks guys I can live with that classic plate looks good. Would be kinda cool if they let us those old " you've got a friend in PA" plates. For the younger kids that's never seen them. But only pre 74 plates are allowed on antique vehicles. I'll be going with the classic route.
  6. what do the new classic plates look like?
  7. Wow...I remember those plates!
  8. Thought they looked like yours? After much searching I can't find a definite answer or a pic. I did a search and it came with plates similar to yours but they might be old pics.
  9. You guys suck. It's 35 years in North Carolina.
  10. well, your are out of the snow belt, so things like cars tend to last a bit longer!

  11. did a quick search and yes they are still like mine pixtured
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  12. They use salt on the roads here and spray them with calcium chloride too. The central and western portions of NC get quite a bit of snow.