My plans for a 351 swap

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  1. Anybody have suggestions/opinions on which stroker kit I should get. 383, 393, or 408?
  2. 408 all the way...
    AFR 205s would be my choice for head.
    EFI would be my choice for induction.
    Convertible would NOT be my choice for car... The engine is going to be torquey, and you need as much unibody as possible.
  3. You could cut 1000 or more smackaroos if you just had him machine it and you put it together yourself. Its not hard:shrug:
  4. Yah I realize that, but I work 16 hours a day 7 days a week with one day off a month(the reason it isn't hard for me to save money) and I don't have anywhere to store the engine while I'm putting it together. My last mustang I picked up the engine, put it in the bed of my dads truck, drove to my friends shop and installed it that day. I'm think this is how I'm going to have to do this build as well
  5. Get the AFR 220 heads, you cannot have to big of a cylinder head. And with 408 cid, they will work just fine, hell, they work just fine on smaller displacement engines. The original Boss 302 had cylinder heads with 2.25" intake valves and 1.75 exhaust valves with ports way bigger than any small block head on the market ever. The new Boss 302 has the highest flowing heads that Ford has ever put on any small block, and they work just fine. Hell the new Boss 302 heads outflow the heads that are on the 662 HP GT500. Again you cannot have too big of a cylinder head, so buy once and never have to worry about upgrading. Any stroker kit you get should be forged, although Scat does make a cast steel stroker kit for reasonable HP levels and reasonable money.
  6. Yah I want forged just so I have room to expand later on if I do decide to spray or something. That's pretty cool about the heads, had never thought of that lol. Can you guys help me out....the guy I'm talking to bout the car swears up and down its a cobra and the title says cobra. As far as I know they didn't make a cobra convertible in 93? I'm going to look at it tomorrow to make 100%. Who knows, maybe if I call him out on it I can get it for a lower price
  7. I'd like to say that I never saw a cobra convertible
  8. Yah, I've never even heard of one. As far as I know they didn't make a convertible cobra til 95?
  9. I'm running a CHP Big Bore 427" with TFS 245cc High Ports, TFS Box R, and a Flowtech TLSR cam. I've only made two shakedown runs so far. (just got the car running) It ran 155mph in the quarter on an easy hit. This combo made more power than you can really use on the street. I love it.


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  10. Is it okay if I worship your car for a second? Lol that thing looks soooo killer haha. Congrats on an awesome car. Where did you get your cam?

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  11. Couple of reasons i love my 351 based build. The TFS-R intake makes rocker/ injector work easy. The thermostat bolts and distributor bolt is easy to get to. I also supposed all the extra power is a plus as well.
  12. 4eye hatchbacks are sexy, wish it was closer so I could pick it up. ;)
  13. you'd have to fight me for it
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  14. I put a mean smiley BTW lol it just didn't show up
  15. Okay everybody, I bought the car I linked to on Craigslist. Bringing her home next weekend, I snapped a few pictures but idk how to upload them from the phone
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  16. Either carb it, or get an RJM harness and EFI it...
    Anyway you do it, it's be pretty cool.
  17. There was NO 93 Cobra vert.
  18. Lol I went by to check. Rounded the corner and just lol'd and said there's nothing cobra about it. The guy said it has cobra wheels. It had SVE drifts. I just said thanks for showing me but its not a cobra and never will be. It had a saleen wing as well. With euro taillights :( I almost bought it just to save it from its owner.
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