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  1. Yeah sure can, when i go back out ill snap some pics. I was not able to get the a-pillar bars as close as i wanted to because they are just straight bars... If they would have added another bend to the bar it would have looked alot better and wouldnt have stuck so far away. I could have went to my shop and bent them, but i am not to worried about it, i can still see fine and all.

  2. Thanks

    I just had an 8 point put in my car, and i would like to go ahead and put a 10 point in it. But this is going to be a street car and I don't want the bars in my way.
  3. Yeah, mine also "was-is" a street car, it hardly ever gets driving on the street... I'm still thinking about turning it into a full blown drag car or not. But the way these a-pillars bars are, it might get annoying to some people or maybe not. Ill snaps some picture for you in a little bit.

  4. Sounds about like mine. A race car that gets drove on the street.:nice:
  5. Here ya go 88mouse:


    Cage is done, now I'm legal to go 9's. Still waiting on my rear to be completed by Advance Driveline. Then i need new axles, spool, bearings, and 1 more wheel. $$$ Never Ends

  6. Looks good, nie welding ;)

    I had bought the S&W 10pt conversion before I decided to go full chassis in my car, the pillar bars do need adjusting like you mentioned to truly make them out of your way.

    When I built the 25.5 chassis for mine I hugged the pillar tight (so tight the plastic trim has to go on before the windsheild got put back in) but they are totally out of my vision and can not even be seen from the side of the car.

    Kinda hard to see but here you go...

    You'll have to get one of these to go 9's, mine's legal for 7.50 @ 180mph up to3600lbs
  7. I love the look of the funny car cage.... At Orlando Speedworld they dont check for cage cert's on test and tune night, they just see if you have a cage for how fast your going. They called me out the last time i was there cuz i was almost in the 10's with no cage, so they made me run 1/8 mile passes. There are plenty of cars out there that are in the 9's with no certs. Where did you get your funny car cage from? and what times are you running in that car?

  8. Thanks for the pics ChromdOutDubs. If the pillar bar where like rick 91GT's I would go ahead and do the ten in mine. But all i have found so far have been in the way.
  9. Im sure you have checked out wolfes cages? Everyone seems to think those fit pretty tight, they better for how much they want for them lol....

  10. $1,200!!! where did you get one? me and my dad have been talking about adding a bay onto the garage and doing a lift but there 3k plus for a lift is really killing the plan! where did you get one for 1,200!
  11. Nope sure haven't.
  12. Its a local place over in Orlando, i think the name is Cheap Lifts or something like that.

  13. I bent and fabricated every bar myself.... Just bought all the required sizes of tubing and cut and fabbed up the entire 25.5 chassis, most shops want $10,000.00 plus to do one. It was a lot of work but I can tell you when I sit in my seat none of the bars are in my sight, it fits real tight and gave me a lot of room.

    The car is set-up for NMRA Drag Radial..expected ET's are 8 teens or faster, have to see what 1200HP will do:D
  14. Man, you two guys don't mess around!!!!!!!!!!!! If I saw you two at the track I would :leaving:
  15. Who me?
  16. Hey Rick, you wanna PM me some info on your motor?

  17. LOL, ain't that the truth?
  18. Looking good. Ive been looking into cages/bars lately, wolfe had real nice stuff but is pretty expensive, and Ive heard both good and bad about S&W. BUT, recently a buddy of mine put a 10 point in his coupe and it looks perfect and he barely had to cut anything, which sounds like what you did. Would it be possible to take a picture of the door bar looking at it straight? Just curious, his seems alittle high but still between the shoulder and elbow. If you don't mind me asking how much was the cage shipped?