NAIAS show picture and review thread

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  1. Thanks for your comments. :nice:

    I can't wait until the 2005 production cars hit the small-town USA auto shows so I can see it in the flesh myself.
  2. Ron Jeremy will be there signing autographs. You guys and girls should come and see me. :D
  3. Wow...if that was a mistake, it was a BIG mistake. I'm already seeing that both the 200HP V6 and 300HP GT models will be starting less than $20k in print/text. Does anybody have more information on this?
  4. LOL
  5. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: Awesome! :nice:
  6. Some of us Chevy owners are just gonna buy an '05 Mustang GT..... I can happily drive a Ford while waiting for the '07 Camaro, heh. :shrug:
  7. NAIAS video

    In the NAIAS video when they introduce the mustang they play the video of the 05 driven around and smoking the tires up on the big screen before it comes out, does anyone know where i can get just that video? thanks
  8. That's just someone using a camcorder recording the big screens. Does anyway know if the actual video is available?
  9. grendal, thats very encouraging...good to see some of you guys are open minded :)

  10. 05' Stang pics from the LA auto Show

    A few pics I took at the show in LA lastnight....<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" BORDER="0"></A>
  11. It's good that Ford is trying to get under the skin of Chevy, maybe now they will work even harder to get that new Camaro out sooner.
  12. I still can't figure out why your so convinced that there will be another camaro anytime soon.......

    I think GM's eyes will be opened when they see how the new mustang sells now that the market is completely fords for once.

  13. GM has a NEW Global RWD platform that comes out around 2006-07, it is what the new Holdens, RWD Opels, and '07 GTO will be built off of. THe biggest reason GM killed the F-bodies is b/c they had there own platform and they only made 70,000 a year (on the worst years). It just wasn't profitable to keep it on it's own. If they make it on a platform with other cars they can build at a lower volume and make more profit.

    People from inside GM have already said there will be another Camaro in the near future, it just GM hasn't officially annonced it to the public. They didn't officially announce the solstice until this past week, and now they are already showing the production version at the Detroit autoshow.
  14. :worship: :drool::drool:......all I have to say.....:worship:

  15. Got pics from Det. 2004 Autoshow

    Everytime I see the new Mustang I love it even more!!!!!! It was the Hottest car there.... :flame: P.S. There were all of 4 people at the New Corvette :D

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  16. nice shots! I keep hearing that pictures don't do it justice and that it has to be seen in person up close.

    Can't wait till the auto show comes to my area in March.
  17. Silver is the way to go on these - bet it sells more than the others :)
    I even like the stock wheels, very nice. I wonder if ford kept the backspacing the same as previous years so we can continue to swap wheels around??

    Jeff - Mustang Auctions
  18. yep, me likes silver
  19. I saw the car today, it looks AWESOME. It was definitely one of the highlights of the show. The GT40 is also awesome, looked better in person than in the magazines and stuff, much lower. The C6 also looked cool in person, but does look odd when you look at it from straight on. Overall the show was very cool, and if you get a chance to see the new Stang in person I highly recommend it.