NAIAS show picture and review thread

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  1. The Mustang was parked in the GM booth for a photo shoot with the corvette for some magazines. Also, when the guy was moving the mustang out of the spot later in the day, he backed into a wall and damaged the rear bumper. We couldn't believe it...
  2. What a morooon :mad:

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  3. nice job ford! its always funny when a big company does something cheeky like that
  4. It looks like they have prepared the hood for future scoop cutouts???

  5. Could be but, that could also just be there to clear that fancy upper intake cover. It would be cool though to see a shaker hood scoop on the '05.
  6. Couple more pics......

    one more as my quota is full..... :shrug:

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  7. How long will it take for Magnaflow to offer exhaust for the 05??Just curious... :nice:
  8. Supposedly Ford had sent out prototypes of the car to Steeda and Saleen. I'm sure they'll do the same for Edelbrock, Magnaflow etc. in due time.
  9. I'm gonna make my next movie inside this car.
  10. I'm gonna make my next movie inside this car. :nice:
  11. OOPS. Sorry for the double post. This friggin website is sooooo slooooow. Fix it so it works the way it should.
  12. When can we buy this car?
  13. As much buzz as this car is generating....everyone will no doubt be busy with aftermarket parts for it....
  14. Thanks for the pics. I like the stripes.

    I'll get to see it in April at the 40th Anniversary celebration in Nashville.

    Anyone know if the cars will be making the rounds to other cities before April?
  15. I've noticed that the official photos don't do the car justice. the ones taken by people here make it look so much cooler
  16. Fall 04. Just a few short months.
  17. few? try 9 if its in October. short? time never goes by quick when you're anticipating something :) that's like 265 days if its released on oct 1 :rolleyes: :D