Roush need more power in my 281SC, what to do?...

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Blue Blurr, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Sean,

    Like I said, Joe would know what is best for your hp needs and budget. The popular opinion is CAI,x-pipe, headers and pulley, but ???
    I would have to agree with Joe about the power pipe. That's $500 right there and will be a HUGE improvement. It's not that the Saleen Eaton blower on the S/C's suck, sometimes they just need some help with the intake delivery. They are great power adders. Most of us will agree that they are limited up to a certain output, then they fall flat on their face. Your blower with the mods Joe suggests should probably get you where you want to go. Give it the fuel it needs, the correct pulley and the tune he suggests and bingo, you're right on track, and for under 2K.

    Just wait until you want more. Then it will be time for a new blower for sure.
    Good luck
  2. thanks marcus, so what exactly is the power pipe? and what did he mean by add out the intercooler??
  3. I think Joe meant to write “…add our intercooler…” He has mentioned on the Chicane forum that they have an intercooler upgrade but given no details.

    I also wonder what he means by a “power pipe”. Is he just talking about their RIPP intake tube and filter?
  4. let us know

    hey im lookin into the samethings keep us informed
  5. The saleen blower heat exchanger is very restrictive. Chicane intercooler, or S-Port tunning as they call it, improves its flow and efficiency. The 66m pulley gives you more boost, around 10psi. The power pipe is the "cold air" intake that flows better than stock. But still with all these mods you're looking at 320rwhp average at 10~11psi, for an intercooled unit. For comparaison, the non-intercooled KB at only 6psi will give you 350rwhp with stock intake... How does that sound....
    The saleen blower is not good, doesn't matter what you do around it!
  6. yea i wish i could get the KB but i cant afford it. i dont even know if i can afford the other stuff i wanted to do but i will see, any guesstimation on what Crank HP i will have with all the smaller mods not the KB??
  7. You'll get maybe 10 or 20 more HP, that's about it. Not much for all that money :-(
  8. wher did you get ur kenneybell and wat mods did you have t do to make it work, approx how much and wat did you do about the front heat excahnger? im relly thinkin into this just wann get all the info i can b4 i get my self in a hole
  9. I got it from KB directly. No other mods, my car made 278rwhp before and 433rwhp after the swapp...
  10. I recently put in a series II supercharger in my gt 2 months ago. The reason I went with the roots is because I got a good deal on it and it's a nice daily driver for me :)

    My current mods:
    Magnaflow x-pipe
    Magnaflow mufflers
    Chicane Sport RIPP kit
    Autologic Chip (base tune)
    Upgraded Fuel Pump

    I put out 298rwhp / 322rwtq

    I'm adding:
    JBA Shorties (yea no lt's)
    Accufab 75mm throttle body
    Air Filter Heat Shield
    FRPP 3.73's

    After I get the stuff added I'm going to get it dyno tuned. Anything else I should add, bolt on stuff, like a MAF? I don't really plan on adding the pulley.
    Not looking for a huge power gain (hence I have the series II), just whatever you think might help.

  11. sean-

    check out the classifies forum, people are selling the stuff you want for good prices.if you do decide to get the 3.73 gears remember,theyr 180 plus installation which can run up to 400 bucks. Headers..youll need a shop to install, i hear those engines are hard to work on but dont worry. Sell some of the stuff you dont need for more cash.
  12. oh yea, forgot about it not sure if i will buy anything tho, i dont really like buying used stuff for cars.
  13. worthless with that blower. but it will sound nice.
  14. While I totally agree that the eatons basically suck and don't respond all that well to mods, the list he has from chicane will suffice to what his power needs may be. If he feels that his wrx is fast, all those will surely be enough. Like I ahve previously stated I am barely over 300 at the wheels and i am nearing the 12's. With a tune and a maf I will be there. With what he has listed, and the fact he has a slightly better m112 blower, he will surely be in the mid 12's. Last time I checked that wasnt slow.

    Anyways a Kenne Bell with a full tune and instalation will run over 6000 when all is said and done. Thats a lot of cash, even for someone who can afford a saleen. Kenne bell has also had problems with custoner service and getting parts on time. This may have changed, so i could be wrong, but that is what I have read in the past. Lastly people running over 430rwhp usually dont have their engines last too long. Almost everyone running that much on a 4.6, especially the sohc, will throw a rod eventually. So add another 2300 for forged internals and the install. So there you have it close to 10 grand to properly run a Kb setup if you wanna drive the car like it was meant to be driven. When I have that money hell yeah I will get one, but for now me and the other people that can get them will just have to continue modding our lowly eatons.
  15. F.Y.I.

    If Blue Blurr's car was built with the blower, then it is a Gen. IV M90 a.k.a. Saleen Series II and not an M112.
  16. What does the gen IV m90 have that my 99 does not? Because all the blowers that i have seen on the 01+ look different than mine. The top portion looks more similar to the lightning blower.
  17. Your ’99 has Saleen’s Series I supercharger which is based on the Eaton Generation III M90 compressor. Part way through the ’00 production year, Saleen made the switch to the more efficient Generation IV M90 that Eaton developed and named their system the Series II. Externally, the two blower casings do look a little different. The Gen IV flows better than the Gen. III and incorporates an internal bypass valve. The increased efficiency results in the Series II producing a rated 10-15 more horsepower at lower boost levels than the Series I.

    I believe the late-model Lightings use a Gen IV Eaton, which is why you see the external similarities to the Series II. The big difference between the M90 and the M112 is size. The M90 displaces 90 cubic inches, while the M112 is larger, displacing 112 cubic inches.
  18. I HIGHLY recommend Chicane. Joe does really good job and he is a real mustang enthousiast...I was at the shop yesterday...he is working on a nice mystichrome S351 for this week end L.A. show...
    u live in southern cal, u have a Saleen...u gotta go to

  19. thanks, and even now the saleen feels like a race car compared to the wrx so with any mods it will be even faster which is fine for me. thanks for all your opinions this thread has become pretty big, lol. Keep the opinions coming i like to have a lot of info and any one else can read this too that needs help.
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