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  1. Hello All!

    My name is Nathan Florian and I am a circle track racer from Florida. I have raced go carts, motorcross, and stock cars. I am new to the 2.3 as far as modifications and where to get the best deal on parts. I just purchased a 93 Mustang 2.3 HB and want to bore out the engine .040 with new pistons, rods, ect. I have posted my tracks rules so that you can see what I can, and can not do. Any good leads on parts and a few tips would be greatly appreciated.

    1. 4-cylinder engines only. No rotary engines.

    2 Engines must remain strictly stock as produced by manufacturer. No modifications of any kind unless outlined.

    3. No high performance engine of any kind. No high performance parts of any kind. No turbo engines.

    5. Engine components must have been available from the manufacturer in that model year. Year of engine not interchangeable.

    6. No grinding on any part of engine or component.

    7. May use fuel injection heads but adapt normal carburetor in an approved manner. Check with Tech. Two valves per cylinder.

    No 4-valve per cylinder heads.

    8. Shimming of lifters is okay.

    9. Electric fans are okay.

    10. Electric fuel pumps okay if original equipment. Must have oil pressure safety switch.

    11. Maximum over bore allowed is .030 + .010 for clearance.

    12. OEM pulley.

    13. Must pull a minimum of 17" of vacuum at 1000 RPM’s.
  2. You can use a 2.5L ranger crankshaft and and rods in that engine
  3. For performance 2.3L parts, check out Esslinger or Racer Walsh. Do some EBay searches using "Ford 2300" or "ministock" and you should come up with some 2.3L performance stuff also.
  4. He can't use any high performance parts or "non-stock" parts as stated in the rules he posted. I do think a 2.5L crank would fit in the rules though since I think they were in Rangers in 93. Otherwise, I'm not sure what you are asking since it sounds like they want bone stock engines...
  5. After reading all that, I agree. It DOES sound a lot like you can't so much as even change spark plug wires for aftermarket. What all CAN you change? I know what years what parts were available (head variants, EFI vs carb, single plug vs dual plug, roller cams, headers, tri-y manifolds, 1 and 2 barrel carbs, duraspark,.........).
  6. Sounds to me like the best you can hope to do is maybe a 2.5 crank and overbore, but that isn't gonna help much. Pretty strict rules for that class aren't there?

    Might be able to add a Ranger tubular exhaust manifold too.
  7. But that would violate the "must be available for that year of engine" rule above. I would find a 79-82 mustang or capri 2.3L with the 2 barrel carb (81-82 would be better because it has the d-port intake), block off the EGR, remove the emissions crap (except for the PCV) and set the timing as high as you can go without detonation and then try and track down an old Ford Motorsport A321 (i think that's what it was) non-roller performance cam and sneak it in there. Run the 83-93 cast manifold if you can't run the header and gut the insides a little.
  8. That would violate the rules and the conscious of an honest racer.
  9. True. But, as was stated earlier, it really sounds like you can't do any mods at all. If everything has to be OEM and year-specific and unmodified, then really you can't do anything at all.
  10. I think you can run stock ford stuff like the header type ranger manifold, maby a ranger cam, I heard the older pinto heads were good for the mustang 2.3 for circle track engines.
  11. For performance 2.3L parts, check out Esslinger or Racer Walsh. Do some EBay searches using "Ford 2300" or "ministock" and you should come up with some 2.3L performance stuff also.