Need support from fellow stangers.

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  1. Im sorry to hear about the loss man, trust me i understand, so do millions of people, because relationships are very hard to work out, and it takes time before you can find that right person you can live with forever. I dont believe in "meant to be" but it takes 2 special people to be able to work it out. You guys just werent meant to be, trust me, i know how it is nothing anyone says or anything you do makes you feel better, it just takes time, ive learned alot through this, and realised so much, patience and time is all it takes. Good luck in the army, you will be happy!
  2. I know that I might not be one of the guys but Ive had a bad heart break about 5 years ago. We met in high school in 12th grade. Got her pregnant during the summer months and got engaged had the baby and a nice place to live. Man I tell you what I worked 2 jobs just to make her and the baby happy. You know what she did? She slept with her brother's best friend which was 14 years old. Yea we where together for 2 years and she pretty much gave me the finger and didn't care that I was upset. Atleast she was decapointed in him when it came to the intimate part. wonder why?well she dumbed him and now she is married to a guy that hits her and she has 3 kids with him and wow she is messirable. My son usually is with me because of there yelling and hitting each other. Stupid on her part

  3. lol dude you shouldnt be getting engaged at 19 yrs old........
  4. mob, good for you buddy. You will be a lot better off in the long run, I think you handled it well, better than I have in the past. Good luck!
  5. This is opposite from pretty much everybody else... but if you REALLY feel she is the one... dont let it go... go find another girl... get to know her take her out have some fun... and if all you can think about is your girl... then go get her... you do not wanna "get over her" then realize you arent over her and you spend the rest of your life wantin her back
  6. im done man, i cant go get her, i cant make her do something she dosent want, i cant make her love someone she dosent love, i cant make her feel attracted to someone shes not attracted to, i cant make her do anything, ive tried going to get her and she dosent want it anymore. Im done. :)
  7. What the **** is she doing in your car? Tell her to GTFO
  8. I bet you have alot more money now lol.
  9. Sorry to hear what happend but its also good that you are moving on. If you two were made to be together it will happen one day but you should not force things :nono:

    Don’t know if you have much time but maybe you should join a GYM and start pumping some iron. You can meet new people BS about cars and relieve some stress. In a few years by the time you go to college all the chick will be after you and you can pick and choose from the field. You will have the stang and the body. LOL

    And the best part is when you see your ex again in a few years and she is fat or dating a fat guy. She will so regret that she ever broke up with you. lol

    Trust me man it will change your life. :SNSign:
  10. Wanna find a new girl??? Pick up a guitar and join a band enough said..
  11. haha yea, im gonna start going to the gym again, ive been slacking latley.
  12. some people get married at 18, my grandma married my grandpa when she was 18..and they are happily married. don't be so quick to judge on how old someone is. it doesn't matter about the age, it matters on if you find the right person or not. I thought i did, but then i changed into someone who i don't want to be, and she doesn't love me. she loves the old me. its done, its over..i can't do anything about it, no matter how hard i try..we weren't meant to be..but age doesn't matter.
  13. that works, or just go to college haha.
  14. college opens a door to all new opportunities :nice: ...funny thing is for me after alittle while of the college seen im now back with my high school gf and we are doing really well.....maybe to well...heres my girl

  15. hahah Mob have you ever noticed your threads never seem to end....its pretty damn impressive....:nice:
  16. haha nah, not all of them, sometimes I get scared that they dont end, I dont want to be the next joe :bang:
  17. Well rufees are illegal so ill stick with guitar. I hit my stride in highschool.. I pimped somegirls who were way out of my league.
  18. yea dont ever go there Mob