need to know Magnum 500 Rim Size on '70 boss or Mach

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by berzerk1969, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. i want to put magnum 500 rims on my 70 mach 1 but im not sure what size to go with. i want them 15" but im not sure on width. i will be lowing the car approx. an inch so i know this wont help clearance any. i want to put like a 60 series tire all the way around like the bosses had to give it that wide look and that mean stance. but i need to know if i should go with a 7" or 8" wide rim. i dont know which they had origionally or will either fit after the car is lowered. if there will be clearance issues i just wont lower it but werent the bosses lower? i dont know. any help would be greatly appreciated. THanks
  2. On my 69 mach I have 15x8 on the back with 275x60 Firehawks, 15x7 on the front with 235x60. My suspension is lowered an inch.

    I had to roll the rear fenders in order for people to ride in the back seat. If not for that, the 275s would have fit fine.
  3. The bosses had 15X7 front and rear with F60X15 tires. You can go to a 15 X 8 in rear. I don't know what the P-metric conversion for F60's is though.