New 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Article. WOW!

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  1. I just received my newest issue of 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine on Wednesday, April 3rd. Did anyone read the article featuring the Editors black t-top fox coupe? Mavromont Industries is producing a 17"x10" Pony R wheels and claiming that they can fit a Nitto NT555R Drag Radial in a 315/35/17 on the back of a fox body. They had to roll the back of the inner fender to do it but it fit.

    This set-up gave this car the sickest profile I've ever seen on a Fox Mustang!

    It was a some work to squeeze it on, but you have to see the photos. I'm currently running 17x9 with an NT555R 275/40/17 and I am very jealous of this new look. The 315 is an inch wider than the 275's. If you don't subscribe to 5.0 & Super Fords, grab one in the grocery store and take a few minutes in the isle to check it out.
  2. someone should scan and post a pic
  3. :stupid: I'd love to see how they look.
  4. on thier site they have khumos that are 285s on them....we all know how small nittos run so its probably not that much different
  5. Here is a Mustang with a similar setup to the one featured in the article that "shootshescores" mentions. Front wheels are 17x6.5" with Hankook 215/50 tires and rear wheels are 17x10" 315/35 Nitto Extreme Drag Radials. The Mustang is lowered 2". This is a customer's Mustang by the way. Definitely one of the toughest looking Foxbodys I have ever seen.

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    A Nitto 315/35-17 is definitely wider than a Kuhmo 285/40-17. Yes, Nittos run a little narrower, but not by much at all. We have worked with quite a few different tires and IMHO the Nittos look better and work better than most. Actually, I feel the fact that they are a tad narrower works to their advantage!

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    By the way, these Mustangs are not in the 5.0 Mustang article.

    Mavromont Ind.
  6. Thanks for the additional pics Demetrios. That wheel & tire package has made me extremely jealous. I agree with you also, its by far the toughest I've ever seen a street Fox look.
    How much does your 17x10 Pony R cost in silver and chrome?
  7. I just installed a set of 17x10 sc replicas with 315/35 on the rear. They fit alright. I had to do some hammering and roll the lips. I can get some pics if anyone wants to see.
  8. Post away!
  9. They sell the ponyR on ebay Fairly priced I thought. Several differnt combos as well
  10. Bringing back this thread.

    Don't know how I missed this write up in my 5.0 magazine, but notice it the other night when I couldn't go to sleep and grabbed the magazine. WOW!!! I was about to ask whether or not it is possible to fit them on a GT with the factory ground effects. I currently have some chrome ponies 16x7s and I would love to do a 5-lug swap just to get these wheels on the stang and really work in the inner fender well.

    Would that Eastwood tool be the idea choice to roll the lip?
  11. It may look good but how are they with everyday driving? Pot holes? Sharp corners? Speed bumps?
  12. I posted about this a month ago and everyone said it was already done. I was kind of impressed but nobody else seemed to be.
  13. Never seen the car in question since i haven't subscribed to that mag in a number of years. But, I've got 10.5 DD bullits with 315's on the back of my coupe....wasn't hard to fit them at all. I get some slight rubbing when coming in the driveway at an angle, but the car is pretty low. I'll deal with the rubbing just to have the stance,lol. Going to be switching to the SC's here shortly.

    They actually fit better than my 15x10 telstars with 295's.
  14. I run 19" wide wheels without any issues. My friend runs 315 Nittos and once the fenders are rolled wont have any issues either.
  15. 19" :jaw: :hail2:
  16. so what are those like 475/45/17's or like 500/55/18's?
  17. Wow, quite the retarded post I had...

    Was supposed to say 10, but the keyboard has the 9 and 0 right next to eachother.

  18. I've seen way "tougher" looking dox bodies than that red one for the record.

    just looks like a gt with some ponies on it to me...