New Edge(1999-2004) Mustang Owners with 20" + Wheels!

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  1. 20's on the front and 22's on the back!


    I think, for as big as the wheels are, he pulled it off! I think they are a tad big still but it doesn't bother me! What I'm really looking to do is to fill out the wheel well when I'm cruising the car. When I'm racing it I don't care as performance is what I'm looking for thus the MM Max Grip Box. I run 17's and am going to run BFG R1's since I'm sponsored by BFG so I can get a killer deal on them but for street it's about looks since I don't street race. Street racing is for dumbasses!

    My car on the track!




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  2. What kind of sponsoring are they doing for you :shrug:
  3. BFG Sponsorship

    They're sponsoring me for the build I'm doing on a '66 Chevy Nova!


    This is my friend Rodgers '03 GT with 18's and an MM Max Grip Box! I like it but it but the wheels look too small to me!



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  4. I guess "pulled off" is a relative term ;) I still think it looks more like a Hot Wheel than a real car to me...

    I can't find a picture right now, but CDC had a show car with 18" fronts and 19" on the rear that looked pretty good
  5. I hear ya' and I agree! I think they are a tad big which is why I wanted to see some 20's all around! I think they will look perfect for the look I'm going for on the street!

  6. The Nova looks badass :drool:
  7. Thanks! It's a custom full chassis with Z06 Corvette drivetrain and suspension!




    Z06 Drivetrain consists of LS7 All aluminum engine 505 hp N/A with a 6 speed transaxle for better weight distribution. Should handle pretty nicely on the track!:D


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  8. sweet deuce!
  9. that nova is gonna be badass!!!!! wanna build me one too?
  10. In the future, do not make TWO identical threads in talk and tech. :notnice:
  11. he went with DD up front and rear, and the rears are not wide, thus why it looks so out of place. plus looks like hes running small tires on there. fronts should be tucked in or even with the fender, and the rears should be even or no more than 1/2" past the fender.

    18" are as large as should be fit on any SN95 chassis. SN197's (05+)can get away with 20's because their overall wheel well diameter size. Foose runs nothing smaller than 20's but thankfully, as far as i know, nothing larger either.

    anything bigger and it screams "Ghetto Fabulous" which is not what the mustang should be screaming.

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  12. There is a guy in my area that has 20" Foose wheels that look like bullits and it looks great. They are too big for my taste but the right combo looks fine.
  13. I've been wanting to get 20's as well and have to decided to switch to them when it's time to buy new tires. Here's some pics I've save to my cpu. All these cars are bad ass and they all have 20's.

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  14. I know for a fact that the 1st bullit in the pics has had the fenderwells massaged a little to tuck those 20's in there like that because I read an article on that 1 a few years ago in a magazine, & Im sure the others have had some work done also....

    I will admit that the 1st 1 is [email protected]$$....

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  15. Exactly! Once you get past the whole "Ghetto Fabulous" stigma and really look at it you realize that those wheels look good filling out the wheel wells!:banana:

    And ya know the ladies love it and, at the end of the day, isn't that part or most of the reason we build up our cars?:D

    So, I figure, if I can make it run for fun but look pimp for the ladies why not?

  16. theres a picture floating around somewhere of the 99+ with 20 inch bullets and if my memory is right he tubbed in a bit in the back to make them fit and it looks sick:hail2: ...ill try to find the picture.
  17. These actually look pretty good.
    I'm sure the ride sux, but they do fill it out.

    I'm surprised how good the black on black looks in 20s.

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  18. [​IMG]

    Ill hold my comments back :Zip2:
  19. 2006_184.jpg

    I dunna know...still looks like way too much wheel and not nearly enough tire to me :shrug:

    and the gap around the brakes (especially the itty bitty rears) has got to be horrible looking with 20's...I've always been a fan of wheels just big enough to clear the brakes

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  20. SN95 Mach 1....roush body kit and side exit exhaust....19's up front, 20's rear...i dont think you can deny its hotness


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