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  1. While a little tall for my taste, the hood is liveable with weld wheels, would look terribly wrong on a lowered car with 17's or 18's.
    I'm not digging the racing stripes though, kinda wierd just having them on the hood and not the rest of the car.
  2. Damn, you guys are harsh. Or it could be that he got a good deal on a car that came with that hood... who knows
  3. Awesome truck! Yeah, I'm not a fan of the hood, either. But I dig the rest of the car. Nice find!
  4. You mean to tell me that people on the internet are opinionated? :nono:

    Toxic, you got a sweet car at a sweet price. Be HAPPY! Even though I wouldn't put a cowl that high on my car I like it on yours.
  5. Don't say that if you don't want honest opinions haha.
    People have different tastes. Some people like it, most don't. My reasoning, its just too tall. Limits the view from in front of you and it doesn't seem necessary. Just my opinion, but who cares what others think, its your car, your taste.
  6. makes me want to buy a 6inch windshield length just to piss people off. hahahahahahaha
  7. For the record, i don't think anyone's opinion on the hood diminish the fact that at $2500 that car was a steal. Hell, i bet some would have bought it for nearly that without a drivetrain.
  8. Yeah thats what i thought when i found it. Most cars in my area arent in that good of shape, and it seems people want a fortune for them. So i hoped on this when i found it. Still needs alot of work, but hey, its a start right?
  9. Being it is set up for drag racing, is it by chance a prior salvage title or salvage? Its still a good deal, but maybe that is partially why the PO let it go for such a low price? It doesnt appear to be a rust bucket, so either he is loony or was being honest for that reason. :shrug: I owned a prior salvaged '89 GT, and it was a great car that I thought was an awesome deal at $3200!
  10. View attachment 133451 Mine came with the hood oh well, will have to shoot for 1000 hp down the road to fill the gap :nice:
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  11. No its not a salvaged title. And the guy i got it from told me the few things it had wrong with it. Needed the radiator replaced, and a tail shaft seal, both which he had. And it was a three core aluminum radiator as well. The battery was dead as well, but i figured those were all minor in my book. He lived three hours away, and even met me half way in the rain. Couldnt have asked for a better person.
  12. I think it's the stripes and headlights throwing everybody off about the hood...It looks like I have the same size hood, but it doesn't look completely out of place on my car. That doesn't change the fact that I would still rather have a stock hood, It's just not high on my priority list.
  13. The hood itself doesent bother me honestly, but im not a fan of the stripes myself. but i wasnt gonna be tooo picky for the price. and why would the hedlights throw anyone off
  14. Ill speak for myself and quite a few others when I say that 1 piece headlights don't look right on our cars...
  15. haha yeah i seem to get that> The look dont bother me AS MUCH, but the fact that they hold moisture will be the reason i get rid of them. ugh lol
  16. Same here on the headlight....seems they all got low(China)build quality no matter the cost as well. Is there any decent replacements aside from stock you guys know of?
  17. Yeah if so, I would love to know as well.