New Rims! (They make me wanna cry)

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  1. Wow! That pic is so ridiculous I thought it was a joke at first. Some people are so worthless they should be killed. I hate people like that. Mcdonalds working, pot smoking, greasy haired, window lickers. Sorry to hear that dude.
  2. Wow, i have those same wheels too. Hard to beleive someone would steal them. They must have been stolen by someone who wanted them on their Mustang. Wow...instead of searching and buying them like i did..they just took them? People like that should get what is comin to them. :(

    WHat exactly is the neighborhood like where the car is parked? Does stuff like that happen a lot?
  3. Yea I thought my gf was joking when she woke me up telling me my car was on blocks. And yea, it surprised me when I realized someone stole my rims. They were scuffed and one of them didn't seal properly. By far not the nicest rims in my complex. I live in the Sunchase apartments on Cedar Bluff. I'll be moving as soon as my lease is out. This is the first time I've seen anything like this here, but I've only lived there for 4 months. Prior to this I lived over on Magnolia, and if anyone knows Knoxville, they would have guessed I'd get my rims stolen there way before it happening on Cedar Bluff. So far my best guess is still the crew that cuts the grass. They seem like the only people that know exactly where I park and live, and they've watched me washing my car several times.
  4. It's f'n amazing what people will be willing to risk going to jail for. You can buy almost any style wheel as a knock off for $100/piece now. That guy spent at least 30 minutes out in a parking lot stealing wheels, so that he could pawn them for $50. Unbelievable what people do for a buck.

  5. Why they gotta be Mcdonalds employed, potsmokin, greasy haird people? More then likely Crack heads or coke heads . I have never known a pothead with enough energy to steal wheels..LOL

    sorry to hear about your wheels man. i cant stand a dam theif..

    I had my stereo system stolen out of my 84 chevy 1500 a few yrs back. I came home at about 1 A.M. and started drinkin a beer playin god of war, a friend came home about 2A.M. and said hey there is glass on the ground next to your truck which was literally 10ft max from my front door.... they broke out the vent window with a cologne bottle, took the speakers out of the box, unbolted the box from the truck, unbolted the lightning cap and sub amp that was under the seat.. Pulled out the radio without the face plate and cut every wire instead of unplugging them(ruined the radio) ripped out all of my Sony door speakers.. but they couldnt get the 2000watt mid/hi amp out of the dash through the glove box.. 2 days later my friends system was stolen by the same means, a cologne bottle.. But that cologne bottle gave it away, We knew whos it was.

    I had thought hard about my install and bolted everything down(not screwed), hid my main amp and everything, even molded the door speaker bolts in. yet they managed to get it all out in about an Hour or less without setting off the Alarm. A few weeks later someone tried to steal my BMW wheels too, pretty sure it was the same person.. So if a thief has any kind of skill they are gonna get what they are after..

    turned out Our other room mates GF at the time, she told her drug dealer about my system and her bf's system to get some free drugs.. ne ways, i seen him 3 months ago, i beat that fool till his eyes were swelled shut.. Stupid dam coke head. I may not have gotten my system back but he is blind in his left eye now.. He was aplogizing to me sayin man i can get you some money, i still have the amp in my car.. F-that..i think we should cutoff the hands of thieves..

    If i ever catch someone else breaking into or stealing my ****. I wont be calling the cops, just an Ambulance if they are lucky...

    My point is they knew you through someone or had cased your car for a while..

    Hope u get them back or they get whats coming to them.. Karma is a ****..
  6. Knoxville is a ****hole for sure. I used to fly out of there and stayed there a few times while me and the wife were dating. I hated that damn place.
  7. that's horrible, man, sorry to see/hear.
  8. :hail2: you did what all of us wish we could do to the person who messes with our chit.:nice:

  9. I love my mustang, but its not worth risking my freedom. I dont trust our legal system enough. Its always great to go on the offense, but if your life isnt in danger....i have a family and kids to worry about if I do something stupid over a car.

    Hate to break it to you guys....this isnt just "crack heads" stealing. Its people who dont work. People who are lazy. People who are familiar with the worth of the wheels. I knew plenty of young kids when i was a teen that just did **** "just because". They didnt do it for the cash. They just wanted to be "bad asses". Then you have people who are jealous of you. Point being, there are a TON of people who arent doing this kind of thing because of drugs. I've never done crack...but if you are high on it, i cant see you taking the wheels too efficiently. And if you are in need of a high....dont u have the shakes n stuff? LOL. Sorry im clueless when it comes to drugs.

    A lot of ignorance in this thread :eek:
  10. Sorry to hear, that sucks!
  11. I'm really sorry for your luck. Someone cut through my vert top, stole my mach 460 head units and the center caps off my rims, several of my lugs were loose but I am assuming he ran out of time since I lived in a security patrolled complex. Never found out who it was, but there was a guy the day before who had stopped and told me that he loved my car and that it was beautiful while I was walking to my apartment. No one had seen him before and I never saw him again either...Hopefully you find who did this, thieves need to die a horrific death.
  12. Oh Please, You cant tell me that at the moment of anger you wouldnt want to kick that persons ass. We all do, its human nature. Now the difference is if you act on it or not. Thats what defines a truly ignorant person from a responsible one. Everyone gets mad it has nothing to do with ignorance.

    I agree though the guy may have been a little extreme in what he did to that guy, i mean blinded him in one eye thats serious chit. But hey again I say we have all been there (those of us who have been targeted for theft/vandalism) and we have all wished we could get our hands on the ****er who did it.
  13. Caught a guy taking stuff out of my old truck in a nice area several years ago around 10-11pm. Did not stop beating on him until after he stopped begging for the cops, sprained my ankle on his head and chest and just made me more angry. I bent/pushed and held his right hand back flat against his forearm before stopping as he tried to hit me after he was down. 300lb 30-40yr old worked over by a 150lb (at the time) 21yr old.

    Cops came after a call was made. The guy had a history of "walking into peoples homes" with drug problems and violent history. I was afraid of going to jail on assault. The cops after getting over the shock of what I had done to the guy (several times saying "YOU did this to HIM?") said if he has the balls to rob and you have the balls to call him on it...the cops looked down on the guy and said to him "someone called you on it this time how does it feel". I thought he had grabbed my school backpack as one was next to his body but when I was walking back to my truck I saw in the streetlight it was not mine. Went back to the police and said this is not mine...found it full of video games/console and electronics. Felt good I also recovered someones stuff too. Cops said they were taking him to the hospital as he was in bad shape but not life threatening and from the evidence and record would be gone for a while and they did not need anything from me since he had stolen property on him.
  14. cantbuytime good story.

    You did the right thing and to anyone else who promotes self justice. Also I agree that you cant trust our legal system either b/c these dirt bags dont learn a god damn thing in jail except how to try not to get caught the next time. A punishing ass beating is much better then jail time IMO. I work at a prison I know how much these scum bags will lie steal and cheat to get what they need for drugs and as stated its just not for drugs either sometimes its just for the thrill or just for the cash.
  15. I decided to repost my earlier edited reply. I deleted the earlier one because at the time I was still possibly planning on meeting with this "John" guy because he has another set of stolen rims and I would like to set him up. I may still do that, so just in case, I'd appreciate it if no one call his number from his craigslist post so he doesn't get suspicious. Thanks.

    Original Post: Sad news...First, let me say I appreciate everyone's support. I found my rims for sale on Craigslist in nearby Oakridge, they were listed on the 24th. Here is a link: COBRA RIMS

    I contacted the guy and was supposed to meet with him, and had hopes of bringing an officer with me to seize the rims. I drove all the way from Nashville back to Oakridge early in the morning. Got to the police station. And they couldn't help. They said they were afraid of liability issues. Because my crime happened on Friday, and the Knox county records office is closed on the weekends, I could not get a paper copy of my police report. Oakridge police said they couldn't help without a paper copy, even though I had picture proof that the rims were mine. Because Knox county detectives don't work the weekends either, I couldn't get anyone from Knox county to even talk to me. This saddens me more than the loss of my rims. In my time of need, our protectors have let me down. They don't care. And I feel powerless to help myself. If those tasked with protecting and serving won't do it, who will?
  16. how sure are you these are yours?:shrug:

    My opinion would be go and look at them act interested... then once you see they are yours then you call the police. Because then you have identified them. You need to try to meet this guy at his home address. Then you have his name and address. Then id tell him you need to go to an "ATM" go around the corner and call the police.

    Here are some other listings by the same guy. You need to print screen the adds and take down any extra info there is an extra number in here:

    Cover all your bases.

    If you look at the prices he is selling things for he is trying to move things fast and cheap... you may have found your guy.

    Also there was an add for some subs and an amp. same number... name was JASON and not john. just incase that name comes up. he might be using another name to sell stolen ****.
  17. and this is exactly why people take matters into their own hands. But then they get ****ed at because they handled it themselves. If the authorities in charge of handling it wont, WHO THE HELL WILL!?!?! I felt the same way man. After they took my radio. I found the guy selling it on craigslist. But nobody tasked with helping me would so I sadly just had to let it go. The slimy little ****.
  18. X-BOX 360 ARCADE


    Just let me know if you want me to post this on the other forum im on
  19. hey sorry about your wheels man your brother told me about them the other day. didnt know you was on here have to talk some time .