New Rims! (They make me wanna cry)

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  1. Thank ya Husky, but I'm already aware of that doctrine. I've got one semester left in law school :) That's why I can't even really break my lease to move, because I really don't have anywhere else to go until I'm out of school.
  2. That REALLY sucks about the center caps. Those things are getting more and more difficult to find these days.
  3. They didn't steal the centercaps, those were missing when I bought the car.
  4. i hope that guys crashes and dies
  5. thief's are the worst kind of criminals IMO ( I know murders or rapists are bad but Im just saying) It seriously piss's me off when someone just thinks they can take someone else's personal property for whatever reason they want it for. I would consider shooting someone over that b/c its obvious its the same morons that did this the first time.