New Rims! (They make me wanna cry)

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  1. Call the FBI. I am not even ****ting about that, either. He is committing several federal crimes by his use of the internet to sell stolen property. They love to strong arm criminals.
  2. Problem is the guy sold the rims to someone else after I wasnt able to meet him. I'm about 98% sure they are my rims. And whoever the guy is, he apparently has a theft ring going. Always a different person answering his phone, and he has told me about 3 sets of rims he or "his boy" has for sale this weekend, as well as other high end auto parts.
  3. Call the FBI on his ass. Sounds like a real peice of work. :(
  4. Ill post this on yellowbullet and see if they know anything.
  5. I had a crackhead break into my apartment in college and steal a bunch of stupid crap. He was legitimately a crackhead though. The cops new exactly who it was, and that he was selling stuff to buy crack. He stole my VCR, and get this, my girlfriend at the time had left "Muppet Treasure Island" in the VCR. He actually took the time to eject that tape, because he didn't want it.

  6. Had a kid steal my x box in college with about 15 games and 4 controllers pissed me off... I later found out who it was and he also sold it for drug $$$:shrug:

    Also to the self justice guys... even though it sounds like a good idea you could face jail time for some crap that has been posted in this thread... Just please no one go and do something stupid over your property its not worth the possible problems you face...
  7. Has anyone on here tried those Gorilla Guard lugs? If so, what size did you get? I want to get some to protect my new rims, but I don't have a clue what size.
  8. The set you want is part number 61681 which are 1/2 accorn style lugs. That is according to their application chart that I found on their side. I will be getting 2 or 3 sets of these pretty soon. At 15 bucks a pop you can't go wrong! May even get 5 so I'll have them all the way around!
  9. Matt, those look like they'd be cake to take off with a socket.
  10. Maybe, I've never tried. They're narrow & round with 6 small notches in them that the key fits in. If you could jam a socket on each to spin them off, you'd have to use 20 sockets. The Cobra "R"'s I have add an extra bit of protection IMO 'cause the deep sockets the lugs fit in won't take a standard socket; the narrow key for the lugs barely fits.

    Now you've got me thinking, I wonder if a standard deep socket will fit over these tuner lugs.

    Nothing is truly theft proof, for a determined thief can and will steal anything. I'd rather make it inconvenient enough so that the casual thief will go somewhere else and find an easier person to steal from.
  11. Yes, I'm sure even if the socket were to fit, hammering 20 of them on would get someone's attention and take alot of time. I still like the free spinning ones, I'm def. gonna get a set because I just put brand new 18" staggered chrome Saleen replicas on my car and I'll probably have a heart attack if they are ever taken!
  12. So it looks like this weekend I'm getting my factory rims put back on. Only problem is they are all missing the center caps. Anyone got any idea where I could find some? Can't seem to find any online.
  13. The locking lugs The_Mustang had first posted about are the ****. cant get them off with a socket..

    So **** does come around twice, last Friday Morning i was awaken to 2 kids trying to get my hood open.. I went trunnung outside bare foot, climbed down the balcony real quick and speared the ***r with thew screw driver fondling my latch. luckily took both kids down. one got up and ran while the other took about 5 punchs to the face, my neighbor is a good friend and sheriff. he came outside and saved the kid from further beat down. Long story short, kids had priors for theft and were on probation. i was asked stupid question by the cops and gave truthful answers which almost got assault charges pressed on me for breaking the kids nose and bruising his ribs. i didnt find out until today that no charges were going to be filed against me, so i sweated that all weekend..

    yeah vigilante justice will get you in trouble, but that ******* thats a crack/coke dealer and theif has been ripping people off and selling dope to kids for atleast 7 years. what i did to him isnt even enough to make up for the **** he has done..

    plus these two kids Friday were lucky as hell i had just woken up and didnt get a bat or gun.. So see i boasted about whoopin a theif and another tried to steal my car a few days later..:shrug:

    good luck to you, but invest in the good wheel locks and an alarm.
  14. What's funny is I envisioned almost the exact same setup before finding them online. I would just sit and think of a way to keep thieves from taking the lugs off with sockets.
  15. So less than a week ago, someone tried to steal my wheels again. About 3 weeks after having them stolen the last time. This time I just have the stock 94 cobra rims on with NO CENTERCAPS!!! I can't believe the nerve of people. This time they didn't get away with the wheels. I don't know if someone spooked them or if they got deterred by my wheel locks. Or perhaps they got spooked when they f'd up and put a big ass dent in the side of my car. They did a decent amount of damage this time.
  16. serious???!!!!
    i think its time to move.
    sorry this is happening to you.
  17. As soon as my lease is out I'm GONE. I found out too late that the previous people who lived in my apartment had their apartment broken into, as did the neighbor. They also had their car broken into and had their radio stolen. I moved out of what everyone in Knoxville perceived as the ghetto, into what everyone says is the nice side of town. Bunch of bull crap that is. No biggie this time though, I at least got full coverage after last time so my insurance is going to cover it.
  18. sounds like you need to start sleeping in a car next to yours n surprise those fools who are doing this and teach them a lesson
  19. I'd look into breaking your lease. The legal concept of "quiet enjoyment" may apply. Generally speaking, "quiet enjoyment" is read into any lease agreement, whether or not it's actually written in. Do a google search. You could at least make a claim that the landlord's inability to provide you a reasonably secure place to park is a violation of your quiet enjoyment rights. He has no real remedy to offer you to provide secure parking, but he could allow you to break your lease with 30 days notice as a reasonable compromise.

    It never hurts to ask...