New Stang tops out at 143?

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  1. Thats what the Road and Track test says. Tough to believe for a 300 hp car. :shrug:
  2. It's speed limited from the factory.
  3. Sheesh good to hear. I would say from my gut feeling it could do 160?
  4. I have had mine to 120 and it got a little light on it's feet. I don't think it would handle 160 unless it was on the Bonneville Flats. Needs mods for that. :D
  5. I was told by one of the Mustang engineers that it has a limiter at 143 due to the all season tires. I bet it could hit 150 with the limiter bybassed..
  6. That's something that it is only limited to 143mph!
  7. Who drives 143 mph anyway? :shrug: :D
  8. True :D
  9. "143?? Officer: I had the speed control set no more than 125!!!"
  10. I have had mine up to 140 before I backed out of it and it was getting very light on its feet :D. I will prolly try to get it to 143 now that it has a few more miles on it.
  11. why so you can have a blowout or hit a animal and roll?? Not worth dying to go that fast!
  12. I understand that its dangerous to go fast, but you do it only for a few seconds and the chances are really in your favor that nothing bad will happen when its a new car. Its the idiots that go real fast on bald tires that scare me. I had my 01 GT up to 120 and it felt like the car was just bouncing all over. I was a little concerned about the tires also so i never approached that level again. I hit 115 mph with my GTO and it was a smooth ride. It tops out at 162 without a speed govenor. I plan to hit 150mph just to say i did it. After 150 mph though i'd be more worried about the engine being robbed of oil then a tire being blown out.
    Top speed is usually a question of aerodynamics. Its not that the 05 GT doesn't have the power to go there, it a matter of how much drag it creates which will limit its maximum top speed. I figure the front hood design alone will cost the Mustang a little at top speed. How often do you get to top speed though? The MacLaren F1 has a certified top speed of 241mph (amazing video), now thats aerodynamics + 650hp.
  13. I think it depends on how you drive your car. I have a 95 3.8 mustang. (Waiting until Feb to get convertible 05 :) My car drives just fine at 112. That's when the governer kicks in. I have no problem at that speed. The car still feels solid. By the way does anyone have any news about how the top comes down on the 05? I hope you don't have to unlatch it manually. Thanks
  14. Interesting Razinhell.. I have an 01GT and have had it 130 plus, and it felt solid as a rock... Must have been a bad road or something.. :shrug:
  15. 125 mph with my 2002 GT and no problems.
  16. Same here around 125+ and I felt TOTALLY in control. It wasnt walking side to side or feeling light, was almost as easy to drive at that speed as it is at 65. Thats not good that the 05s gets squirly (sp? lol) at upper speeds...just like my 66, kinda scarry at 130+..must be that flat front end, kinda lifts up the front of the car and makes the steering very light.
  17. :nonono: Chances are you will die if anything happens. And anyone else that you come into contact with.
  18. All it takes is one little imperfection in the road at those speeds and it's all over with - no way in hell a seat belt will save you. Not to mention that what happens with tires when you go above their speed ratings is they start to seperate and the steel belts start to expand and you get a blowout. Always fun when you get the chance but you must not value your lives but so much....
  19. Well I am fully aware of the risks of high speed driving but it is like a family trait even my mom drives a vetter or her supercharged harley truck :D

    I try to make sure the car is in the best shape possible and i dont really mess around anywhere where i could possibly harm someone or something else. If i get killed it is my own fault and that dosent really bother me all that much.

    One last thing, I have attended a few high performance driving events to learn how to handle lots of speed and also to learn to stay calm if something does go wrong. I have had a blow out at about 115 in a ford lighting and it was the scariest damn thing in my life but i got the truck and myself back home in one piece!

  20. I thought we all drove like that . . . Or, at least, would like to