New Stang vs top Ricer Cars

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Sxhawnn, Apr 19, 2004.

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  1. I'm sorry, but to myself and everyone I know, japanese car = rice. It's that simple. That being said, rice can be sweet as hell (Supra, NSX, many others). Last time I looked, there wasn't an official definition in Webster's dictionary. It's all semantics.

    No, it's not racist. Asian people are known to eat lots of rice. If someone makes reference to it, they shouldn't be offended. Racism is a form of hatred and intolerance. If you start calling gay guys "Green Tea", is that hateful like calling them "pillow biter"? No. Same thing.

    Political correctness is fine to a point, but there's a fine line between fairness and nausea. If you're offended by the term rice, grow a thicker skin for chrissakes.
  2. The 05 hasn't even come out yet so we dont know how well it will perform but if we can expect the GT to run 0-60 in 5.2 to 5.5, the Evo should be able to take the GT. The MR edition of the Evo will own all over a GT and give a Cobra a hell of a race and even win depending on the road and drivers. No matter how hard you try, a RWD will always have that wheel spin and/or hop which gives a big advantage to the AWD off the line. Also, on a race track with twisties the Evo will own the GT or the Cobra so it all depends on what you want to do with it.

    By the way, the Evo is not even close to being maxed out stock. Its engine can handle almost any mod you can throw at it, check out this 807 hp Evo with the stock engine. Evo
  3. AWD does have some advantages. But and this is just the limited experienceI have. I watched 3 races where an AWD porsche lost to a camaro. The AWD was doing nothing to help him launch. Now in a road race he would have destroyed the camaro. But he lost all 3 drags.
  4. Nothing is stock about that engine read the mods. With that big of an investment Id be driving a GT(40) or GTR, but thats besides the point. I dont think youll be seeing a stock 4 banger making over 400fwhp. Dont confuse them with supra or cobra engines, lol
  5. The only thing left stock is the block itself. NOTHING else is stock on that thing. Not even the head is stock.
  6. Yes, but I am saying that its the same engine. Someone said that its stock 271 hp (which is underrrated by the way) was almost maxed out which is not the case. As I said, that engine can handle a ton of mods.
  7. Yes I'm sure the block can handle the power. But the reality is. Many motor blocks can handle far greater than they are rated for. Generally you have to put a LOT of add ons to grenade a block. Most times it's the other parts that fail.
  8. That was me, I said it. But I didnt mean only the motor I meant the whole car. I dont even think a 350fwhp EVO could be driven as hard as a stang without frying the clutch, popping a head gasket or breaking an axle or tranny. And I still dont think the motor would survive long over that either without being torn apart. Ive been out of the import scene for about 4 years now so maybe Im wrong, but by nature of the beast I dont see it. Mitsubishi could be putting super rediculous parts in their cars now but I doubt it, theyve been breaking stuff for years. Is this EVO 2.0 engine the same from the GST/X or is it all new? Im sure its new but I just want to cheak. I still think to compete with a 400hp stang, that EVO would have to have alot of the car upgraded.
  9. ok I just looked it up. The EVO has the 4G63 motor thats been around since the 1990 Eclipse. Those motors suck. 350HP, broken guaranteed. End of story. My buddy went through 4 of em in 2 years, lol.
  10. Not really. That MR edition Evo does 0-60 in 4.2 seconds and runs the quarters in the 12's all stock, I think that is right at or a bit better then the current Cobra. Evos are not meant to be dragsters anyways, its the road courses with the twisties that they excel and can beat a ton of more expensive, more powerfull cars.
  11. Thats just cause you say so huh? There are still alot of people I know, and on this forum who call anything asian built as rice. The mustang you refer to is not rice, just stupid looking. I suppose since its not the 70's anymore, you could bring back disco and call it something else and it would be popular. :rolleyes:
  12. Something to keep in mind here.
    There have been MANY reports of the 05's actually hitting 280ish RWHP on the Dyno. Ford contracts independent companies to do tuning and testing on these cars. This is where the info is coming from. Looks like Ford may under rate this motor like the did with the 03 & 04 Cobras the 00 Cobra R, the Mach 1, the Lightning’s, and the New GT (not the stang)
    The 05 should also weigh in UNDER 3400 lbs. It will be lighter than the current car but it's actually bigger and with more interior room.
    All this taken into account the 05 should be able to outrun a current Mach1 in the 1/4 and that should place it in the LOW 13's and possibly high 12's with a competent driver.
    With a Factory Panhard bar you should be able to get a great dig off the line and also it should help out in the corners ALOT.
  13. I unfortunately recently crashed my Lancer Evo, but i use to own all you mustang *******..........
  14. boy, you're intelligent
  15. I've always heard that with higher liter engines that gaining horsepower from mods is much easier.

    Like if you have a tiny engine and a big engine and did the same upgrade (like exhaust), you'd get MORE from the bigger engine then you would from the tiny one.

    Again, it's just what I've always heard, and wondered if that was really true, since I've always owned cars with medium engines that I never modded. :)
  16. How is the GT going to be $5K less then an Evo? Evos sell for $28K and you can get em even cheaper now. The prices I have seen for the GT start at $26K bone stock which sucks if you ask me. At least you get the Brembo's, lightweight wheels, Momo steering wheel, racing seats, that awesome racing suspension etc...for the money on the Evo, what do you get on the GT for the same price? A nicer sound system :notnice: All the things I have been reading lately about the 05 Mustang, like the high prices for one, has me REALLY leaning towards an Evo insted.
  17. If you're talking about 2005, is there going to be an Evo to compare to? :D I don't even see an Evo on Edmunds or Carsdirect for 2004... :shrug:. If you compare a current Evo to a Mustang GT, it's $28k for the Evo to $19k for the GT :D.

  18. hehe, the 04 Evos come out this fall and yes, it should be an 05. Mitsubishi is a little off right now and may be going out of business soon so who know what will happen but I think the 05 GT is a bit over-priced I think $23-$25K would be reasonable but a starting price of $26K is a bit much.
  19. I looking on autotrader. And the MSRP on an EVO is listed at

    2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

    MSRP: $30182

    Color: Labrador Black

    Distance: 48 Miles

    VIN: JA3AH86F63U123787
    I realize that it may MSRP with no options for $28,987. But the options add up fast. And the premier group in Portland Oregon wants $40k for them. And most were right in that $30k range.
    As for leaning towards the EVO. Please by all means get one. I want a mustang as soon as possible. And don't want others competing with me for one of the first ones. Though I think it might be a little odd to think about buying a car from a company you admit is in financial trouble and may not be around.
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