New Stang vs top Ricer Cars

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Sxhawnn, Apr 19, 2004.

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  1. hahahah z28 you are wrong. mball is right. the evo we have here is the evo 8, the first and only evo to be sold in the US. it is comparable, but looks a little bit different from the evo 7 (front bumper, wheels, taillights, its longer). and mball is right, its a little bit different/slower due to emmissions, but still runs low 13's.

    heres comparison evo8 and evo7 where it says the evo 8 runs a 13.3 1/4, btw

    and z28, here is an article for you. this way next time when you say "i know far more about the evo than you think" you will actually mean it. :nice:
  2. i would guess you and z28 :shrug:

    and i didnt know that you had to own a car to actually know about it. :rlaugh:

    and btw: i wasnt kicked off some import board, im actually a part of one where many people own evo8's and other cars containing the 4g63 :nice:
  3. Do you own one? I know mball does not. Always going on with the magazine racing crap. I'll dog an evo into the ground with my ride. Count on it.
  4. refer to my last post.

    "and i didnt know that you had to actually own a car to know about it :rlaugh: "

    just because i dont own one doesnt mean i dont know about it. i know a lot of people with evo's mostly because i used to own a DSM (as they both came with the 4g63 powerhouse).

    and even if all i did was read magazine articles. are you saying they are all BS. :rlaugh: yea, nothing in magazine articles are true. the only things that i dont pay attention to are the tests that they put on themselves. i tend to leave that to me and my friends. however, i do usually believe what they write in the actual ariticle.

    wow man. :rolleyes: alot of cars can. still doesnt change the fact that you just got :owned:

    hell, i wouldnt even be surprised if this was :bs: but congratulations if you can!
  5. Don't make me break out the forum rules. No personal attacks or name calling. If you cannot follow the few simple rules we have here, than I can make it so you won't be here.
  6. :lol: No, I think that be you.
    Ownage at its finest! :D
  7. sorry, im used to posting at a place with no rules. :D

    i guess i got a little heated when mp67, said "whos the beotch now?" to me. can you say that or what? or am i just being singled out here? :notnice:

    alright though, there will be no more name calling on my part. :nice:
  8. yea i got really really owned by a moderator that told me that i broke a rule. oh no! the shame!! :rolleyes:
  9. No, I am not singling anyone out, I simply saw your remark first and responded.

    Now everyone keep it civil or I will :lock:
  10. The matchup I cant wait to see will be the new MR edition Evos vs the Cobra :nice: 0-60 in 4.2 seconds and the quarter in the mid 12's will make it one of the fastest stock cars available in the US. If a Vishnu Stage 1 can make a stock Evo into a 3.9 second 12.1 quarter car for a mere $3K, I wonder what they will be able to do with the MR? How does an 11 second car for about $35K sound?
  12. Dude, have you not read the last page of posts? They had to make changes to it to make it legal in the US. I doubt you have ever driven one so why dont you go drive it before you knock it. It is plenty fast enough and that turbo puts out 19 psi of boost that puts you back into your seat as you rocket forward. The acceleration is unreal, if you have been in a muscle car with alot of torque pulling you forward, thats what it feels like, believe me, its fast enough.
  13. Again, The Evo 8 an US Evo are slightly different. Japanese version has Active Center Differential and Active Yaw Control and a 6 speed Manual. Go down to your local Mitsu dealer and try to shift the US Evo into 6th gear and then come back and tell us it is the execat same car.

    THis article calls the US Evo the Evo 7.5

    Check out the performance #'s from Road and Track

    Hear is another article saying how the US (Evo) and Japanese (Evo 8) are very similar but different:

    So once again the Evo 8 in Japan has different hardware than the US Evo thus making them NOT THE SAME, you and mball are WRONG
  14. Where did I knock it? I merely asked a question. I have read the last page of people bickering with each other. I even got correct pricing on it. From both autotrader and mitsubishimotors. Then he posted a website. That seemed to show that the evo8 should be slower than the 7. But the Evo 7 is rated at 44mph slower. So I asked a question. Pardon me for looking for accurate information. But I should have thought better than that apparently.
  15. :nonono:

    Why did I know this thread was destined to become a pissing contest?
  16. I was directing the original comments at mball cause he said something like this to me before. " What kind of car do you drive? I'll be glad to bring the EVO to your house and embarrass you in front of your mom."

    Then when I posted a picture of my car and listed the mods, I find out he does not even own an EVO. And then he still spouts off about how he could take me in the twisties. With what? He does not own one. If your going to talk trash about what you can do to my car, you better own something to back it up. Like I said before, magazine racing is for kids. And I don't know who owned me cause nobody pulled their evo up next to this....
    When he pulls his evo up next to me and beats me, then I'll have been owned. Until then, he and anybody else is just flapping their gums.
  17. :rlaugh: You must have read the thread title. :rlaugh:

    "Coming soon: pissing contest in 'New Stang vs top Ferraris'!"
  18. For about the 50th time MP67, I was speaking of the MR edition Evo which has NOT come out yet, wont be out till fall. That should give you time to put on all your mods and things you think will make your car handle better then one of the best handling cars ever made, so go ahead. I put a deposit down on one already so no worries, when it comes out, I will still be glad to come by and give ya a spankin :nice:
  19. :rolleyes: And I put my deposit down on the Ford GT today, so I'll wait for you. Oh, wait, maybe I put the deposit down on the 06 or 07 SVT version of the Mustang coming next year, or maybe it was the new Z06 vette with 500hp. So now were not magazine racing, were racing in the future cars we have deposits on. :rolleyes:
  20. Like all small displacement cars, you have to beat the hell out of them to get any power. With a Mustang V8, you've got torque down, which makes daily driving more fun. One thing though, Mustangs suck in the snow where an EVO would shine.
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