Newbie from Expedition to Cobra

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  1. How's it hangin' gents? How are you doing fair maidens?

    Fresh from an 03 Expy that I've owned since I was 16 (21 now) to a '94 Cobra that is nowhere close to stock. Sort of frightening in its own right. I'm happy to be a new member on here though. Hopefully I can participate and learn as much as possible from you guys. I'm currently stationed in San Diego, CA for the Navy. I would love to meet up with other SoCal Stang guys while I'm out here. I'll be here for AT LEAST the next 5 years.

    Keep it easy and keep it breezy,
  2. Welcome aboard! Need pics! ;)
  3. Welcome! We are in SoCal also. Would love to see the car!
  4. Welcome to StangNet!
  5. Welcome, I've also moved from Expedition to Mustang. :nice:
  6. We still have our 03 Expedition...and a Stang...and another Stang...and an F150.

    Welcome...feel free to hit up the vehicle specific sections for questions
  7. Here she is. Sitting right in front of my Expy.

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  8. Welcome aboard! hangin low