no throaty sound with new 40 series flows

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  1. OK this is it- Im going to jump in here and answer the question-

    This is based on cutting open old FLowmaster mufflers that have been on different vehicles-

    They DO get louder because they rust- some will rust faster then others depending on condensation, which can vary depending on how often the car is driven, and climate-

    A muffler shop owner I know has cut them open because he was also curious, and this is what he found- according to him, the first thing to go on a Flowmaster will be the baffle inside coming loose from rust-

    Not all Flowmasters are going to do this, but this is just based on his experience-

    Hope this answers everyones questions-
  2. Wow, most of theses Guys notice this magical change in only 1 month and you are trying to pass off that they rust out in that period of time? If there is some water in there, the heat should be sufficient to dry it up, unless all you do is make very short trips. That was my argument anyways, the muffler would have to be physically altered to change the sound, such as rust in order to change the sound.
  3. The Ball and Socket matched up with my Bassani X Pipe with no problem, and my sound sure hasnt changed over the last 5 years. You have given no Technical facts that can back up your Theory.
  4. the mystery is solved:cheers:
  5. maybe someone can help me with my mystery. i have bbk shortys, an offroad h, and 40 series with turndowns. i got the mufflers from a friend used, and they had been on a car, so they are definitely "broken in" if there is such a thing. my motor is definitely not stock, however the mods are unknown, and my car pulls 290hp to the wheels. my exhaust is 2 1/2," but the mufflers have a 2 1/4" turndown (if that makes a difference). not only are the flows quieter than the dynomax superturbos i had on before, but my car is QUIETER than my buddys 95 cobra, which has bassani shortys, aftermarket catted h-pipe, and 40s without turndowns. the cobra has no major mods. we came to the conclusion that maybe his bbk fenderwell intake does it? im still running the stock airbox with a k&n drop in. anyone know what gives?
  6. Maybe one car has just more general "engine noise" coming from it than the other. Its really hard to compare two seperate cars with similar mods because they always seem to have their own sound....:scratch:
  7. yeah, two motors never sound the same, but its just wierd that my catless exhaust is quieter than my buddys catted. is my car special or something? i have been told from the start that o/r h with flows would be LOUD possibly too loud for comfort. and here i am with a quiet ass exhaust. it just doesnt make sense
  8. Flowmasters "break in"?!?!?!?!? :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    You guys slay me!!!! I've had Flows on my car for 8 years. The only time the sound changed was when I put my x-pipe on. "Break in". Get a grip.

  9. :owned: :cheers: :nice: :hail2:

  10. :rolleyes: Geez.........admit it, you have been :owned:

    :bang: :p

  11. Thank You!
  12. That is my thought too, if anything extensive carbon build up would dampen sound and restrict flow.
  13. At what temperature does an aluminized alloy melt ...
    At what temperature does it distort or change temper.

    I supposed you also have not noticed the deeper tone when you have the a/f ratio fat either :rolleyes:

    Look, you don't hear the change, fine ... take the Tech Departments word for it.

    I'm done ... you win. They don't change tone, just the majority of us have witnessed ..... cool, I can leave it at that, can you?
  14. What Tech Department did you think I should have checked with, Tampax? Come on, Flowmaster makes and test them, Mine has not changed sound at all and I contacted them to prove a point thats all. We never discussed making engine changes having an effect on the sound as that will change it, but its also not distorting metal in the process. I also believe Flowmasters are made from 16 Gauge Steel and coated with aluminum on the outside to prevent corrosion, so the temp would have to be pretty damn dramatic.
  15. Maybe if you were suffering from TSS :)

    All I'm saying is I could call their "tech dept" and ask them why both sets of my Flows got a little deeper and then I would get a different answer from a different "tech guy". Am I willing to call them and find out: NO. I will just take your word for it :nice:

    I have experienced it with 2 sets of Flowmasters ... nothing substancial, but definitely deeper.
  16. Over time, if your engine falls out of tune or you make some other changes your Flows may have had a slight change. There was enough people on here really discrediting themselves saying that their Flows got twice as loud after this so called break in in 2 and 3 weeks time which is just bogus! Feel free to call Flowmaster at 1-800-544-4761, I did not mislead them with the question to give me the answer that I wanted either. I asked straight up "will the sound of the Muffler change". They responded with, "there is nothing in a Flowmaster that breaks in, so the sound will not change over the life of the muffler"!
  17. x-pipes sound better with a packed style muffler or a spintech.. dynomax ultra flo, dynomax turbo, hooker aero chamber, etc.. or a spintech.. x-pipe and no cats and spintechs.. at wot.. not a roar like an h-pipe and flows.. its becomes a scream much like a busch series or nextel cup car...
  18. Yes......Deeper
  19. No actually the mufflers changed tone after about a month of daily driving in moderate weather ... but, it's all in my head and I can live with the psychosis.


    Take a few minutes and read this page from Flowmaster! Its tells you about sound change from OTHER Style Mufflers, so you can throw out another one of your Theories of getting answers from different people in the Tech Department.