no throaty sound with new 40 series flows

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  1. Let's clarify something.

    Flowmasters technical department, and the people who manufacture and test their systems are 2 very different sets of people. The people who do the testing are not the ones you talk to on the phone. The ones you spoke to are sitting in front of a computer in a room full of cubicles, who type keywords from your problem, i.e. "loud" "bad fit", etc, then read you the answer that comes up.

    The ones who test the stuff (if they were reachable by phone,) I'm sure would (off the record,) admit that there is a sound change with nearly all mufflers, for whatever reason.
  2. :nice: Exactly ... the disagreement has become too futile to waste anymore time on it.

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  3. 1st off the guy I spoke with was not typing anything into a computer and talking to me at the same time. 2nd if you read what I posted off of Flowmasters own Website, it tells you basically the same thing, that the muffler is not going to change. Actually it is talking about mufflers with packing (that DO break in) changing sound in MONTHS. People on here are imagining sound changes in something that doesnt break in in weeks, I dont think so!
  4. Nine years ago, a space ship landed behind my house.

    Two aliens rang my door bell and gave me a pair of flowmaster two chamber mufflers. They advised me that these two particular mufflers were special and to take care of them.
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  8. At least Couped tried to offer Theories about why he thought Flows get louder, that Flowmaster said are bunk! Your Space Ship was really an intelligent Theory.

    Break In = Nothing to break in inside of a Flowmaster.

    Carbon Build = No small cavities to clog, and if it did the sound would decrease.

    Heat Warpage = Not near enough heat to deform 16 Gauge Steel.

    Flowmaster says they dont change in person and on their own Web Page!
  9. Let it go ...
    I offered no "theories" ....
    Go back and read my posts with a little visual acuity.

    Exhaust gases flow through a muffler in a designed or concentrated path. Areas not in direct line of this path will build up with more carbon than the "flow path". While carbon itself will deaden sound, it will also make areas in the main flow path more concentrated in cfm creating a slightly greater gas velocity. The slight increase in exhaust velocity will change the tone "slightly" as well.

    The alloys used in the muffler are tempered to avoid surface corrosion and piting from the elements. By cycling the temp of the alloy you change it's brittleness as well, which contributes to the increase in "authentic tone".

    Like I've said before. I have broken in two sets of Flows and they both got slightly louder ... despite the effect you claim they've had on your car or what the "tech" department told you.

    I realize by calling Flowmaster directly you are passionate about this thread. The best advise I can give is to just let it go. Flowmaster's tech nor anyone else's experiences will change the experiences I've had with both sets of my own nor any time spend with my nose stuck in a book and my head under the hood.
  10. Back on subject. The original post was the sound wasn't any different than stock.

    I just took off some 50 series yesterday and put on 40 series american thunder. As far as I can tell and anybody I've asked, they sound identical. The mufflers give you the tone. The pipes, headers and cataletic converters are what change volume. If you want loud, ceramic headers, o/r h or x pipe and 2.5-3" pipe.

    The rest of you can keep arguing about whether or not mufflers change over time.
  11. They sound good. I'd say you guys should leave it at that..
  12. In order to Increase the Velocity of a Gas, you will need a Convergent Duct, which would also cause a Decrease in Pressure. I would love to understand how the inside of the Muffler is going to change itself into the shape of a Convergent Duct!

    P.S. The Temperature of air on a Convergent Duct will also go down.
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  14. question while the post is still alive... i have 2 1/2" exhaust and a 2 1/4" turndown. does the smaller turndown hurt me in any way? im thinking maybe a little bit of backpressure and maybe change the sound a bit? just thinking of cutting it off just to see. and one other thing.... my car has absolutely no drone that is supposedly so infamous among flowmasters. i have alot of resonation around 1100 and thats it :)
  15. Get a Borla, Period!

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