Not enough power... In 2005

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by CarrollShelby, Aug 17, 2004.

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  1. No skill, huh? You now have two options:

    1. We'll all go out to a drag strip and watch you pull off consistant high 13 second ET's and 1.9 second 60's in a stock GT. It can be done with a great driver such as yourself.

    2. Shut your mouth and go sit in the corner.
  2. I dont understand.. sure the evo is fast, but the thing looks like complete ass, it definately needs to evolve some more. Some people, including myself, prefer the sound and feel of a rwd v8 over some 4 cyl speed demon...
  3. Hopefully this is a dead issue. Whining and moaning that the new GT isn't comparable to a $35K Evo is just about as silly as somebody coming on here and complaining that for $25K, the new GT should also haul his kids and camping gear as well has his Hyundai Sante Fe, and get 40 mpg doing it. The new Mustang is what it is, it fills a large market demand for a sporty 4-seat GT with rwd and torquey V8 power. No, it wont corner like an Evo (at least not the GT), but DUH, it won't tow a trailer like a 1-ton dually either :rolleyes: . It is what it is, which is a mix of attributes that appeals to ALOT more people than a low-production niche-market Evo. Quit trying to compare it to cars that have absolutely no relation to, and do not share a sliver of, the market segment the GT is aimed at. If that's not what you're looking for in a car, go elsewhere, and look as funky as you want to doing it.
  4. I've had 6 mustangs in my life. My first car was a 69 mach. I currently drive a 66 fastback which has been pretty aggresively modified. It's my daily driver in spite of the stress of it being in the shop way way to much (today it gets a BG Mighty Demon Carb) So I'm all about the mustang and American V8.

    All of that said I don't think there is a person here who wouldn't have fun getting wacky in an EVO or STI. They are amazing cars. Not really my flavor, but If someone wants to loan me theirs for a weekend, I'd have a blast wearing it out. PCH would be fun.

    They are different cars, they have different prices, they have different missions. Whatever blows your skirt up gentlemen, smack talking either car shows a lack of understanding of what each is trying to accomplish.

    As the post states NOT ENOUGH POWER in the 2005. TRUE ENOUGH, but how much is enough. Stock 04 cobras have over 400 and yet, you buy it, you modify it. Enough HP is like BOOBS that are TOO BIG. Just a fairy tale.
  5. It's bad for the Canadian guy "CarrollShelby" who but this thread alive. It was a great stang member but He past the way here? Probably He critic the new Mustang 05 a little bit to much and get cut? Don't call that democratic! Because it's not, who's next?
  6. The U.S.A. is a federal republic governed by a representative democracy. Not that I expect you to grasp the subtleties of that. This isn't a country, it's a Mustang forum. The moderators don't owe anybody anything, and you have no free speech rights here. And the whole 3rd person, I'm a different guy than Carrollshelby deal, how lame. Puhleez.
  7. So I'm going to be the next, to be flush by you? :hail2:
  8. Be quiet.. Let it go! Don't give them the chance to flush you out... Please!

    You have to be cool... :lock:
  9. Ok I understand!

    Do you think the next MACH 1 will get the 4.6L SC 390HP?
  10. Hummmmmmm... It will be nice to see!
  11. Yeah, really nice!
  12. I'm getting this recurring vision of that character in the original version of the movie "The In-laws" with Alan Arkin and Peter Falk where there was this president/dictator of some middle-eastern country who painted a face on his hand and held conversations with himself...... You guys remember that movie?? I can't get that vision out of my head now every time I go in and read the latest posts on most of these threads....
  13. I've heard of it, havent seen it :shrug:
  14. I think we have to finish this thread now!

    I read the 12 pages of reply's...

    First thing, 80% agree, for not enough power... In 2005! That's interesting...

    Also some of you talk about first year badness! Bugs, recall and ...? That's an other big point!

    20% think MR.FORD is a god's! So it simple for you... Buy the car at big price's and do the test drive, make the car free of the damn bugs and make the recall's repair... And after that, we going to buy a much better car in 2006 for probably more horsepower, less money, good APR% and free of bug's! The tunning mod's market will be update and fine too... :rolleyes:

    Thank's to all of you, for your support... Because quality is JOB #1 :nice:
  15. that guy just had a conversation with himself.....lmao
  16. Your right, I hate to said that! :bang:

    I really think you working for Ford Canada. Maybe a SPY or something like that? You have a Mustang Club's in Québec??? Yes or No? I saw you with the Ford G.M. in Montréal last meeting in Orange Julep... Is that true? :D
  17. You saw to much JAMES BOND film... :rlaugh:

    You talk to much also! :lock:
  18. I'm not sure! :mad:

    I saw your carismatic Shelby 2004 car... Wow! I can't find a word to tell? Shelby signature, stainless dash, Shelby logo with number #76/100 and all the goodies they put on it... I try to find one for sale and no dealership's have one? One owner told me it's special bonus car for loyality worker's? Maybe it's not, but I saw your car and that's a sure thing! The special Shelby wheel's are so nice! Ouf, The sound of the car is mean like strait pipe on a Cosworth Motors! Tell me where I can get a car like that and who you are Sir? Please :hail2:

    You have to show us some pic's of your car and not the one you show here... The detail are so nice and put the Shelby wheel's please! The caliper's with racing flag and carbon fiber pad's... So nice!!! I never see a beauty like that. You said, KING of the ROAD... Your right on the target! It's probably a 11s and it doesn't sound like a 4.6L SC mod's? I would said more like a 5.4L 4V SC... I bet on it! I'm not crazy, I saw the beast... I know you work for FORD compagny! Please show some pic's with hood open... :nice:
  19. :scratch: :crazy: :confused:

    So how many people in canada have Shelby for a last name? Or were we just lucky to get 2.
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