Opinions: Mustang's worst feature

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  1. I have a few, though I love my car.

    Every time I have to let my son into the back, the seat never returns to where I had it before I put it up.

    I think that the passenger seat should have also had the same controls so that they could be adjusted identically if desired.

    I think the message center should have been standard. Even though it isn't, at least the wiring should have been so that it could be added later. My harness is missing wiring.

    Instrument cluster isn't aimed toward the center of the driver seat. If I put my head dead center in the headrest and look straight into the console, it's off a little bit.. I can't see the left side of the "0" on the speedometer. (nitpicky, I know)

    Trunk release... or lack of.

    Drop glass window on driver's side always catches on the moulding.

    Clutch squeaks really badly.

    Antenna is way too tall.
  2. As said prior, electronic throttle. 5 months and throttle lag is bugging me more every day.
    ...and of course the seat back memory (lack of)
  3. No retainer for the 12v power point cap.
  4. I dont like the shift nob. Im used to my 99 35th with a polished aluminum knob that is circular at the bottom. The 05 is too wide at the bottom but that can and will be replaced.
  5. trunk release button, heat on floor doesnt work well, knee hits and seat doesnt go back to original position
  6. Tach is on the wrong side of the dash :(
  7. The seatback recliner totally sux. I can't beleive it's so halfass. No power on the passenger's side seat. (If your wife ain't happy, you ain't gonna be happy.)
  8. I have a fix for you on the issue of reaching the seatbelt. On the lower side of each seat is a strap that can be unbuttoned. Then you wrap it around the lower portion of the seatbelt. This will then hold it out a bit at the bottom. Then you can reach DOWN with your hand an easily reach it to put it on. I assume that this would make it more difficult to access the rear seat, but then again, who uses the rear seats in the Stang!

    Beleive it or not, this is NOT described in the manual for the car.
  9. There is a TSB for the gas tank refilling problem. Ford with replace the tank with one that has inproved venting. Or, simply insert the gas nozzel UPSIDE DOWN. This defeats the shutting off issue except when the tank is atually full.
  10. New guy here with a Screamin'-Yellow 05-GT-5spd.

    6k miles on it so far. No squeeks/rattles (knocking on head)

    Peeves - a few;

    1) No heated seats/mirrors option - what were they thinking?
    2) Trip meter knob is almost inaccessible
    3) I'm tall - 6'4" (on a good day) - The console hits my right leg and is a bit hard.
    4) The TR3650 whines a bit in 2/3 gears.
    5) Brake squeel

    I enjoy the car though.

    Fuel economy is actually pretty darned good.
    We took it on a 350 mile trip running 70-80 mph with the AC on and it got 24.8mpg. A couple weeks around town and it is averaging a tad over 18mpg. This engine pulls so well in the lower RPM's that I find 1st gear is not needed unless you are starting from a dead stop. 2nd gear pulls strong from 3mph on up.
    The throttle lag does not bother me (much) but the drive-by-wire clutch leaves me feeling like an amature when managing the gears (I've better than 35 years of driving experience).. Maybe I'll get used to it - I hope so...

    Anyway - there you have my short critique of my new friend - I call him "Hammar"..

    Regards - Randy
  11. I disagree, my 2001 GT 5 speed gets 28 MPG on long highway trips running the same speed as you with the A/C on.

    The worse I have ever seen around town on my 2001 is >20 mpg and I often run through the gears to >5K RPM

    Loss of 2 - 3 MPG is a major step backwards in my book.
  12. Have to agree with keys hitting knees
    Knees on console
    Car doesnt beep when you unlocked
    Gas tank but already had that fixed

  13. The last time I checked - The 2005 produced 300hp and the 2001 was 260hp. While a 40hp delta is not a monumental difference, it takes more fuel to build more HP.
    My highway mileage seems to be on the low side of typical from what I have read. Maybe it will get better once it gets a few more miles on it.

    Meanwhile - I'm enjoying my first new Ford in a very long time...
  14. I'm 5'10" and my knees hit all the time. Also, not just the beeps when unlocking, but half the time when I hit my remote and think it unlocked it actually didn't. I usually have to hit it a second time just to get driver's door unlocked.

    And the majority of the time when I think I have unlocked the passenger door, I haven't.
  15. I just came up with another worst feature - well sort of...

    Being that my car is Screaming Yellow, it appears as though it attracts bugs (bees in particular) more than any other color..

    Anybody else seem to notice this???
  16. How much time to you spend with your gas pedal on the floor and the engine RPM @ 5500 RPM? I'd guess less than 1% of the time.

    If you are cruising down the highway at 70 MPH constant speed, you're only using about 45 HP. So it looks like the old GT engine is more efficient making 45 HP than an 05 is.
  17. It's a good thing I don't have a case of 01-Envy... :D

    Let's just go ahead and say that the 2005 is a PIG when it comes to fuel economy.

    I'm all about bacon my friend.... :)
  18. :bs:
  19. Hey, you don't have to sell me, my 01 GT is an out dated piece of crap compared to the 05. But with the mods on it, my obsolete 01 is probably pushing 285 HP not the stock 260 HP.

    But, overall the gas mileage of all Ford vehicles is pitiful. Ford is really out to lunch when it comes to gas mileage, Ford has the worst average and overall fleet mileage of all vehicle manufacturers. The 05 Mustang, both V6 and GT are just 2 examples of Ford's gas mileage problem.
  20. You hit the nail on the head there General. Number 4 would have to be
    the low seating position on the passenger side! :doh: