Opinions: Mustang's worst feature

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  1. Mine's Sonic Blue, and I'm surprised (and happy!) at the lack of bugs that hit it. My husband has a Mini Cooper, and that thing is a better fly swatter than the F150 he had before the Cooper. It's insane - I don't know how he can see out the windshield. :rlaugh:

    My peeves
    1. Squeaky brakes. I'm on my second set from Ford - they are a little better, but not enough. I'm going to go for something aftermarket soon. Don't know what yet.

    2. Shaker 500 sucks. I'm on my second head unit, and it's worse than the first, but I'm too busy at work to have time to go deal with it. Next month I'll go complain again. :nonono:

    3. Gas tank fill problem - I'm on my second tank. This one is better, but not perfect. And even if I use the same gas pump repeatedly, I can't predict if it will fill without problems or not. This tank is tolerable, and with the flip the handle upside down trick it doesn't take any longer than it should to get gas, so I'm not going to gripe about it to the dealer.
  2. ft seat latches

    Anyway to disable the latch on the back of the seats?

    Also, anyone making 'drop-in' replacment ft seats for the `05's
  3. If you are willing to jerk out the factory gt gears 3.55 ? then you might get 28 MPG out of it. Of course it would be a pig with some 2.73's or 3.08's like an old fox body had from ford lol.